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October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok, now that I figured this thing out. LOL.  I was excited to find this page!  I am a PKU patient and have 2 boys who are not ( thank you Lord) Anyway, I went off diet in Jr. High. The only time I have been on was while I was prego.  I've recently really noticed the effects being off my diet.  I felt like I had no concentration and lack of focus, loss of patience, and irritability.  I decided I need to go back on diet. I need to be the best me; along with that I'm beginning to exercise more regularly.  So, right now I'm starting with cutting out what I can't eat and drinking samples of formula until mine are shipped to me.  Amazingly, I'm already feeling better.  My motivation is my kids and my career.  I've really just had that life changing moment.  Previously I would try to go on with the goal of losing weight.  Obviously I failed.  But I feel like this is my life and I need to make it better.  I need to feel better, be better, and my career is sio important- it's my CAREER!!  I can't mess that up, there's nothing else I wanna do!!  Plus I know that God is helping me.. He does what's best for those who love Him. I hope to hear from some of you, make some friends,  and share some support/encouragement   HEIDI

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    I was just intrested in how difficult it was to be on the diet when pregnant ?
    iv just started my diet again but i am relaxed with certain foods i allow my self to have. I have totoally cut out meat but still every now and again eat bread, cheese and pasta.

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