I lived with PKU for 42 years

I lived with PKU for 42 years

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I lived with PKU for 42 years

July 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have been reading the blogs on this website and I want to let the parents know that there is hope. My older sister was diagonsed when she was 1 year old in 1960 back then they were not screening automatcally and she suffered some learning disability, but she is always wanting to learn more. It takes her longer but she understands. I was diagnosed when I was born in 1966 I stayed on my diet until I was 13 years old they saw that my level was low so the doctors said that me and my sister can be taken off the diet. I am now 42 years old and I have not been back on the diet since. I am a freelance photographer and I have worked as a Clinical Research Associate and currently I am a Project Manager with a major pharmaceutical. When I was in school I was in special classes, because I could not learn or retain information as fast as the other kids. But, I pushed my self and was moved out of special classes into regular literature, math and science, I also took graphic arts and wood shop. My diet consisted of Lofenalac powder milk, I could have any ice cream, meat, candy cheese, pasta etc. Back when I was on my diet there was no low protein food so my mother, god rest her soul, had to measure everything out and make special lunches for me and my sister. To tell you truth even when I was older in my twenties I did not have any cravings for candy , ice cream and meat. I am also now a vegetarian.
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