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December 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well here I am back again after I think it's been over a year now and still no change has been made. I am not gonna try and talk my way out of it... Is my fault I haven't made a change once again I thought I could live a "normal" life and not need to worry about the side affects of my PKU. But I'm sick of it now, I don't want to be used to feeling tired all the time and having anxiety attacks. Is awful and its now affecting my job. I have been sent home sooooo many times since I started my new job as a nursery nurse in a really well known nursery which is known for its hard working staff and good results from ofsted. So it's a dream to work there and be part of that but at the same time I'm fighting my PKU demons and losing the battle if I'm quite honest. Although my manager has been nothing but kind to me throughout this I know there is only so many times she can save me from being sacked because of all my absences. So iv decided that I need to give this another go... I have to try!!! Is going to be one the hardest things iv done because after so many years being off the diet I'm so used to eating what I want I some times done even stop to give it a second thought. Ok.... So I do have a plan and iv started this today I ave already taken one of my fumluas and it made me feel sick but I won't give up and I will be using this site as like an online diary. So if any of you are interested I will be on here maybe once or twice a week and keep you all updated with the results. I know I will have a few slip ups but as long as I keep on going I hope that one day it will stil being such a pain and become part of my daily routine...well wish me luck !!

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    So I was also off my diet for a long time and every time I tried to regain footing I would loose it. I struggled for a LONG time. And then I found a LP food company called Country Sunrise that has all kinds of products to make sausage hotdogs, burgers, porridges, cereals and cheeses that actually kinda taste a lot more decent that most LP food. For me it helps the craving of protein packed food and meats to have them while my family is eating the regular stuff. I get SO many cravings for just one cheese burger or my grandmas fried Chicken or even a bowl of homemade spaghetti and meatballs…. But having the meat flavored food from this particular company helps a LOT. Haha listen to me, I sound like a dang commercial or something…. For real though, my levels have been great even with still choking down the formula and it gets easier to make good decisions the longer you hang in there. I promise. Wishn you all the luck!

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    Thanks for you reply. I have been doing really well lately i have cut out all meat and fish from my diet and i drink 2 formulas a day at the moment but im going to bring it up to 3. But i will have a look on the site and see what is on there cause i still find it hard to think of meals i can make for work. Its like the biggest pain ever!
    Thank you for your help
    Good Luck

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    Is there anyone special in your life that could make a change with you? My son is a baby, but I went vegetarian so when he gets older he won’t be odd man out at the holiday table when everyone else is eating turkey. It’s what keeps me (a former red meat addict) happily away from all meat products for 5 months now. No regrets at all. OK – I occasionally miss the Chinese buffet bar, but that’s it! Making any change is always better when you do it with a friend. Diets work better when you have someone to go the road with. I also heard of one girl whose formula had a bitter aftertaste, so she started mixing it with margarita mix. If you have the time/funds/local availability, what about taking a vegan cooking course. You might not be able to use all the ingredients, but you’d have fun learning about new ways to cook. I wish you the best of luck!!

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