Im Sorry...

Im Sorry…

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Im Sorry…

November 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

First off i want to appologize for if i curse or get really really rude in this becuase i might... to al the PKUers out there... I am taking the PKU Chart down off the net.. Because Virginia Schuett's Seems to care less about People with PKU and in it for the Money!!! I CANT STAND HYPOCRITES!!!! I will remove it.. and I will also return her Book becasue i dont want anything to do with a HYPOCRITE!!! I could make money too VA... but i want to help people with PKU ... KEEP YOUR DAMN BOOK! AND COPYRIGHT HYPOCRITES!!!! Well its off now so dont even bother.. if anyone wants to know what is in food IM me or email me... I will tell you FREE too.. I can look it up ... I have othere ways becasue i will not have her book any more.. Im returning it.. and i suggest a BAN on her book too.. See how she makes money then... and im sure im gonna get hell from some people.. i already know who.. I just speak the truth.. if she really cared she would post it ONLINE FREE win me back and do that Virginia... Go ahead blame the anger on PKU... if thats the case i should sew the Doctors... JUSTA AGRIVATED WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS... GRRRR BYE ALL....

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  1. Registered: May 1, 2009

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    Lee, Massachusetts

    I know what you mean and you should vent i am glad u have this forum to let it all out!!! They do have to make a living but make way too much just to give people info we NEED to have…the world if full of crap it is really sad but you really just have to look after yourself!!! sorry to heard u r so upset

  2. Registered: Sep 20, 2007

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    you are a sweetheart compared to me when i get riled up. I understand.

  3. Registered: Nov 25, 2009

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    smithville, Mississippi

    i would have went off alot worse than u did, and i understand what you mean we all have a hard time tryin to get what we can eat w/o havin to pay to just try to find out whats in things that we can have. she need not think its gonna be a big hit and its gonna bring in alot of $, b/c there are other ways we cn find out what we can have and how to get it.

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