Improvement on all levels

Improvement on all levels

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Improvement on all levels

July 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone, I haven't written for like 6 or so weeks. But I'd really like to take a more active roll on this website once again. For me, currently life is going good, although I still struggle with taking bloodtests regularly, when I was taking bloods my levels had dropped to around 600, I think I even had one around 400! for me this is excellent, and I have been noticing the difference in my everyday life. I am alot more positive and have completed my first semester of full-time study this year with flying colours, I managed to gain overall results of A-, B+ and B in the 3 papers I have comppleted, my forth paper is a full year one and I am taking up another 3 papers to replace the ones i completed last semester. Compare this to last year where I had to drop to part-time study as I just couldn't handle it and spent 1/4 of the year in depression and you can understand why I am so proud of myself. I am certain that lowering my levels has helped create this improvement. Although not eveything was perfect the whole semester through, I barely remember it but I went through approx 4weeks of depression towards the end of the first term...until my mother reminded me of this incidence I actually could not remember it happening, and I still can't fully remember that period of time, all I can remember is that I went to see my cousellor towards the end and when I saw her I was having a good day so she probably didn't realise how bad things were, I also remember that one of the causes was money-stress, however everything is all sorted now, and I don't like to dwell on it too much, although the lack of memory of that time does worry me. Anyway, I hope everyone is going well, and if anyone has any tricks on how to do bloods more regularly I'd love to hear them.

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    I lie, I haven’t written for 6 or so months…sorry for that inaccuracy

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    My names Paige…
    I have the exact same problems you seen to have had in your past. I suffer soooo bad with depression it gets to the point were I stop eating (which I know is the worst thing I can do to my body)
    Just at the time I can’t see a way out of my depression. I try to explain how I feel to friends and family but no one truely understands why I am the way I am.
    I have been adviced to see a psychiatrist/counsellor to see if I can stop getting my self in to this kinds of depressions along side my diet of course.
    I really hope it works cause I can’t see any other way to help my self if this doesnt work.
    I would love to hear how counselling helped you? if you dont mind me asking…
    And as for my blood levels well there just intense!!!!
    I have not long been to the hospital to restart my diet and they did a blood test on me which came back my levels were 1030!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have always found it hard to get my levels down even as a child. I’ve been told that 700 is the very highest I came be at the moment, but being a new comer to all this diet and stuff my minds on over drive!
    I know I’m going on a bit but its actually nice to have some one feel the way you have felt in the past. Although I wouldn’t wish it upon any one, cause once I get my self in a depressed state its VILE!
    Look forward to hearing your reply :)

    Paj, <3

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