In need of any advice possible

In need of any advice possible

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In need of any advice possible

May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

My little girl of 2 1/2 is still drinking her formula out of a bottle. She will drink anything else out of a sippy cup or regular glass but she will not touch her formula if its not in a bottle. recently I tried to give her nothing to eat or drink ( thats some advice from the dietician) until she drank it out of a sippy but she is so stubborn that she went a day without anything and was so thirsty and hungry she still wouldn't give in. u canI have tried to add something to it to make the taste differant and i have tried all the kinds of sippy cups possible. I have even tried the phenelade and she wasnt interested in that. Im running out of ideas and need some advice.. Please help if you can...

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    What’s the problem in drinking from a bottle? From what I see she’s only 2+1/2, so if she wants to feel a little baby, I would let her do it. Have you considered that if you insist hard, the next step would be to stop drinking her formula at all?
    That would really be a problem!!!!
    I drunk my milk from a shippy cup until I was 7… I don’t see any psycological problems that I had growing up. I am nervous to do everything right as a mom too, and not to give something up because my little one has PKU, but I think it would be ok for this one to let it go. Or else, she will overreact also to this. I think….

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    i would try anything bc they say that the longer they are on a bottle the harder it gets. i can see what i can come up with but my son loves the formula and now wants nothing to do with a bottle. but let me ask around and see what i can do. its also bad for the babies teeth to kkep them on the bottle.

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    Ok, sorry pkumom77….good luck!

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    I was drinking my formula out of my bottle until I started school (4years old) coz my Mum couldn’t find anything else 2 get me to drink it out of! And still to this day I drink my formula out of a cup that has a lid and a straw because I cant drink it and be able to smell it! I would advise a plastic cup with a lid & straw! Don’t make her feel bad about drinking out of a bottle, just make her feel a big girl if/when you try get her 2 drink it out of something else! Also my Mum let me have a sticker book and she brought a big pack of stickers & every time I drunk out of my big cup like a big girl she let me have a pack of stickers my book! :) I soon got used 2 the cup! :D Hope this helps x x x

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    My son, Dylan, is 19 months old and is still drinking his formula from a bottle. Well, he does at home. He will drink it from a Nuby sippy cup at his babysitter’s, but he has me whipped!! Ha ha!! Have you tried the Nuby sippy cups? They have a soft top like a bottle, but are actually sippy cups. Dylan has done really good with them, except for at home. I know exactly how you feel! I want Dylan to drink from only a cup, but it’s so hard when I know he has to drink his formula. I’m hoping I can break him from the bottle soon. Good luck!

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    i think you should try what beckyboo says….a straw with a lid. errion is now on a cup with a straw so that what i waould try. give her something when she dose it and soon she will catch on and want to do it. i know i dont like the small of it and i know errion dose not too but somthing with a lid might work but maybe she is not ready to be off the bottle. i talked to my mom and she says that it takes time and some kids will stay on the bottle longer. it just takes time.

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    Ruth said on May 13, 2011

    My daughter will be 4 next month and still has a bottle in the morning and before bed. A couple of years ago we tried to totally wean her off bottles but it caused so much stress around the formula taking we stopped. She has always drunk formula from a cup (without a lid on) at nursery no problem, so it is not the smell etc, just a psychological thing with her. Just now she is starting to say bottles are for babies. We bought her some Sigg aluminium cups with a sports cap and she often drinks out of them now instead of a bottle. I have told her when she is 4 the “bottle fairy” is going to come and take her bottles and give them to a baby. She will get some nice new Hello Kitty cups and a present from the bottle fairy. I think she has bought into the idea, but only because it is on her terms and she is at an age where she feels she is controlling it. She wants to be off bottles before she starts school in september.

    However, I came to the conclusion a while ago not to stress too much about her still having bottles – the fact she was getting the formula was always more important to us. She has naturally now come to a stage where she doesn’t want bottles anymore. I am aware of course of the negatives of bottle feeding but for us these were always far outweighed by her not hating her formula. I try to remember also what it must be like for my daughter having to drink this stuff and i think anything that makes it easier for her is a good thing – I wouldn’t want to drink the formula straight from a cup so why would she? Also our dieticians have never had any problem with her still using bottles. My daugher has not suffered any adverse effects from what I can see – her speech is perfect and her dentist says her teeth are too.

    This is just my experience, I think all children are vastly different obviously but hope this makes you feel better since your daughter is so much younger than mine!

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    To be honest I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Your daughter is drinking her formula. That is what is most important. Like you said, she is able to drink other drinks out of a sippy or regular cup, so it is obviously not an issue of whether or not she has the motor skills/ability to use a regular cup. Wanting to drink her formula from a bottle is probably just a comfort thing.

    If it helps any I drank my formula from a bottle longer than my non PKU siblings. I also used a sippy cup until I was approximately eight years old, and after that until I was sixteen I needed to drink my formula with a straw. I could drink everything else from a cup from a young age. My youngest sister who also has PKU will be three in July. She drinks her formula from a Nuk learner cup (sippy cup with a soft tip similar to a bottle). My mom doesn’t stress about what type of cup she uses, because she drinks water, juice, etc, from a regular cup just fine.

    One parent once said, and I could agree more, “It isn’t like they are going to go to college with a bottle.” She’ll wean herself eventually :).

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    My parents convinced me to ‘give’ my bottles to the ‘little girl next door’. It was a big lie but it worked with a lot of coaxing and saying how sad she was she didn’t have pretty bottles like me and such. They actually went to the neighbours pet pot bellied pig.
    Also I still drink out of a gorified ‘sippy cup’ of sorts;
    Although I guess its more of a plastic juice box type thing.
    I couldn’t imagine drinking out of a cup because since it is made out of a powder some of it will settle at the bottom, with a cup you cant stop that from happening effectively, but with those you can close the lid and shake them. That powdery stuff at the bottom still makes me feel ill and gag sometimes.
    PLUS if you switch them to these which should be easier than to a cup, because you have no clue how gross they are, when they go to school kids just think their a juice thing and your kid has to drink a special juice. It saves them a lot of trouble while their really little, kids asking questions and so on.
    I strongly suggest at least trying these.

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    Have you tried strawberry quik? I used to drink my formula with strawberry quik mixed in it –it’s the only way I would drink it whenI was younger. Maybe my mom might have an idea from when I was that age. If I find anything out from her you can try I’ll let you know. klmt13

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