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Insurance coverage

December 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi, we recently changed to my husbands insurance and they only allow 4 visits to the utritionist for a lifetime per member.....obviousley we all know that our childern need their nutritionist for lifetime so my question is for everyone to help me explain why the nutritionist is a lifetime thing and why it is so important that our childern have them....also why the formula is a must have as well....i know why in my head i am just having a hard time puting it into words why these two things are so important for the lifetime diet! my husbands HR department is going to be taking it to the board and he has asked that i give him detailed information on why Maverick needs the nutrionist and the formula! any help would be apreciated!

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    linden, New York

    The formula is needed because it provides all protein, vitamins and minerals which are necessary for your child to grow and be healthy. Children with PKU don`t eat meat, vegetables etc that provides all needed nutritions, that`s why children with PKU need to take formula for lifetime.

    If it comes to a nutritionist, the PKU diet changes over years which means that the diet of 5 yrs old and diet of 15 yrs old is completely different. A nutritionist leads your child in his diet and show him/her the way of handling the diet all the time – as it changes.

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    linden, New York

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    The formula is needed to provide your little one with the proper amount of protein, calories, vitamins, and minerals which he cannot get from regular foods. Without the formula he could develop nutritional deficiencies which could cause issues such as stunted growth or cognitive issues. If he does not get enough protein and calories from his formula this could also cause his body to become catabolic. Catabolism can occur when you do not have the formula to provide the body with necessary energy. The body then begins to look in other places for energy such as muscle. Because muscle is made of pure protein if the body begins to break down muscle to get energy it will be put even more protein into the blood, which in turn will increase phe levels. Obviously the increased phe levels will then create issues such as delayed development, seizures, tremors, and so on.

    As for seeing the nutritionist on a regular basis the person before me is right. As the body grows the nutritional needs of a person can change drastically. What an infant, five year old, ten year old, and adult need to eat is going to be completely different. If you could I would suggest contacting your nutritionist either via phone or email to ask her if she has any other reasons to give you.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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