intro and reasons

intro and reasons

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intro and reasons

May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi my name is Rachel, i am 19 and currently in College i decided to join up with this web site because i feel i need to be able to communicate with others with PKU as i find as much as i love my friends and everyone they just don't get the diet no matter how much i explain it to them that might just be me but theres only so many times that you can hear the same question said by the same people i love the way that they want to know all about it but sometimes i just want to eat my meals in peace.however i know that its just gonna be apart of life for me as people are naturally curious but i just felt like getting that out i could be the only one that feels this way but just had to get it out Toodles Rachel :D

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    Dear Rachel, im mother of PKU newborn :) we with my husband decided to explain everybody that our son is strong vegetarian :) probably it can work? and you will have no need to explain anything :) Hugz Elena

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    Heilbronn, INTERNATIONAL

    Hey Rachel,

    never get tired to explain PKU to your dearest friends – it’s worth it, all of my closer friends now about it and it’s so relaxing not to have to explain yourself (though it’s a hard way with lots of repeating :) At work I am giving a short explanation and I try to avoid the topic… It’s exhausting to explain over and over again and especially they don’t understand that I actually can have a normal bread from time to time, but not ANYTIME ;)

    Katie xxx

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