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January 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok at this point i dont know what to do any more.. I have felt lowsey for several months now.. Dizzy.. Headaches.. Lack of focus.. Fatigue.. I thought it was PKU.. my levels four of them were all around 3.2 today is the first day i felt ok.. Altho i really had to try too.. put more effort in then normal.. Even with a good attitude.. my kids and wife still have huge issues with me.. My sis today told me i need real help... I admit i have been more angry then normal in the past several months... Alot of stress here... Out of work becasue i have PKU.. NO MONEY.. we are getting alot of financial help.. that i am to proud to swallow...and we still cant make it... I want to support my wife but i cant hold a job... we just found out we need a new roof on the house... and we are sleeping in the same room as our 5 and 8 yr old boys... thats fun... and cramped... One of the Drs in Boston made a huge mistake on a letter and now I dont think we will get a check for disability this month.. Dont knwo where the mortage will come from... i was told today.. Physically... emotionally.. and mentally im am not doing well at all... and i need help.. i was also told i am verbally abussive... I dont see myself that way.. I am very opinionated.. ill say that.. I speak when i see something not right.. but i dont go out to verbally hurt people! thats not me! I stand for what is right.. There is NO GRAY with me.. anyway.. I dont knwo where to go from here.. I do have an appt. in Boston Tuesday.. my sis wants to come and my wife.. i think i will have them speak for me because all i seem to say is always wrong... My sis says i should be back in the Hospital for another 4 or 5 days so they can evaluate me again like they did 10 yrs ago when i started the diet... I do agree with that.. I want to get to the bottom of all this so i can live my life! and give my family a good life! IM IN THE WAY right now.. and HOLDING my family back way to much... like i said I for the first time in my life.. I DONT KNOW WHERE TO GO WITH ALL THIS! I am very strong minded.. and strong willed... that gets in the way alot too.. along with the anxiety that comes with PKU its a fun package to have... the other day my wife wanted me OUT! then we were intimate last night for the first time in litterly a month plus..and that energized me.. I got up at 4am cooked B fast cleaned the kitchen.. got the kids clothes layed out for school along with their snack.. took a shower.. set the table.. had coffees all before 6am.... so tonight i talked with her.. and she said it was nice you did b fast.. but we want to sleep you kept us all up.. .. SO i cant do anything right! EVER it seems.. and my 16 yr old hurt me today saying to my wife.. Kick him out!.. that hurt.. becasue i set some restrictions with her Boy friend.. so she was mad.. but that really hurt... Sorry this is so long.. Just some major issues and i am just hoping someone out there in PKU land will be able to give some advise... I dont feel i need it.. But im stubborn.. and well my lifes a wreck right now.. Thanks for reading... Chris...

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    Phelan, California

    Chris- Wow sounds like you are having a hard time right now….so sorry to hear that! I know that dealing with life is hard enough then adding PKU on top of it makes things ten times harder! I too have had issues with my attitude and it has effected my realtionship with my boyfriend of 7 years. Most of it came from me being off diet and formula I am feeling much better now but I know how hard it is to deal with PKU. I hope you can figure out why you are feeling so bad! Just try and stay positive things will work themselves out in the long run!

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I go through the same thing. As a result I lost a job 4 years ago and haven’t found another and am living in a friend’s van.
    Your daughter is just being a teenager. u did nothing wrong there. your wife needs to be more supportive.
    good luck.

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    Taylor, Michigan

    i know how you feel as being sick with headaces i wake up somedays with a headace … I am trying myself i am 21 and i just started collage and i know that it is hard to focus . bu the advice that i give to everyone i to just to walk away so you don’t get ticked off even more ….i have pku all of my life and it is not easy just rember to walk away it is very hard with pku i get it .. it seem that what ever us pku paticients have is that we can’t have protine but last year i was diagnoised with diabetes and now it is harder than ever. I think that everything will work out for you just keep a positive mind

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