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Lesson Learned

June 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I guess you could say I'm new at this...I live in a very small rural community in one of the smallest provinces (I'm Canadian) and I've really only known one person other than me who has PKU. So I may as well start off with saying...I definetly could be doing a far better job of taking care of myself... I'm 17 but I've been doing everything by myself since I was 10. Let's just say that temptation got the better of me, and I ventured off diet for a bit...and when I say off diet...I mean OFF DIET. All throughout junior high I wasn't drinking ANY formula...and my phe levels were reallllllyyyy bad. Then last year it just kinda hit me...I couldn't understand why I was doing this to myself. Nothing good was coming out of it. Juggling high school, my job, and attempting to turn my life around... one almost always suffers. But I've been doing considerably better. I guess the whole point of this whole thing was that if anyone is even reading this, I guess I just want to meet people like me, I mean I have siblings but I'm the only one with PKU... I just want to meet others and see how you guys cope I guess? Talk to me if you ever feel like it. See you. -Margaret

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    williamsville, New York

    lisa said on July 6, 2013

    Hi fellow PKU sufferer, I live in the USA and have PKU my whole life.I’m over 50 y/o female.I’ m having trouble
    now due to tooth pain. Please e-mail me anytime through this website. discoqueen.

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    Midland City, Alabama

    Hi Margaret, I have pretty much done everything you have done possibly for longer and like you it hit me to, i kinda came to my senses haha. I live in alabama unfortunately. I am 21 and in college. I really only know one person that has PKU like us too. She lived in TN but know is married and lives over seas so I know what its like to feel lonely. It is still tough on me with my diet,but it has been alot better as you get older and smarter. If you ever want to talk just message me or something. I would like to know how you cope as well.

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