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October 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

A nurse was here this morning to show me how to check Zoey's levels, it doesn't seem hard but for me it's going to be once they have me do it on my own. The dietition told me that she wanted her to eat 2 hours before the check so the levels wouldn't be elevated due to her just eating. But the nurse said that she wanted her to eat so she would be relaxed. Would her having a bottle close to the time of the level check make a difference? Consiering also that she had similac before her level was checked.

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    I am not sure. I would have it noted on the form that you turn in to the lab so they or the your dietician knows that she just had formula before the test. I know when I have forgeten about waiting to do the test after eating, my levels came back much higher than usual. I would definitely check with your dietician though.

    Most hospital staff are well trained in doing these tests, although, sometimes you run into someone who dosn’t know how to do the test properly. both my sister and I have had many occassions where a lab technician or a nurse was not doing the test right and we had to correct them.

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    As long as you are consistent with when you do the blood test it should not matter. For example I usually do my blood test later at night a few hours after I have eaten. When I was younger my dietitian told my mother to do my phe levels in the morning after breakfast. That way we knew that my level was getting done at the same time everyday. Just be consistent with when you do the levels, and you should be fine. Good luck! Contact me if you need help!

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    I usually do my levels in the evening… usually 2 hours after I ate and finished my last intake of formula for the day.

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    Hi there.

    My doctor and dietician advised me to do my blood test first thing in morning when i woke up as my levels will be at there highest apparently, something about fasting through the night, and they advised me to do that all through maternal PKU diet too. Hope this helps :-)

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    I also do my mine first thing in the morning. Before I have anything to eat.

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    While I’m thinking of it. besides the lancets you will need to do a blood test each time, thier are a few other items you might want to get. Alcohol swabs to clean the area ( finger, heal, ect ) before you use the lancet to obtain a blood sample. I use ReliOn alcohol swabs with Pain Relief. These have Benzocaine in them that dulls the pain of pricking your finger. It will still hurt a little, but not as much. Another item would be a Sharps Container. This is very important to put used lancets and any other items that have blood on them. This will prevent everyone from poking thier selfs with used needles and lancets or coming into contact with any other items that have blood on them. This will help prevent the spread of diseases from biohazardous waste. You can get both the sharps container and alcohol swabs from any pharmancy. 

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