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August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

 Hello my little cutiesaltHow are y'all doin' on this finee summer night?I'm doin' greaaaaat.I came back from Camp Phever (fifth year) on July 22nd. I miss Camp Phever. I a lot of times I wish that it was 2 weeks long. Not just 1 week. Anyways school starts in like 20 days. And Julina Larscheidt will be a FRESHMAN. Plz tell me, is that a good or bad thing? LOL. Anyways I miss my bf, Frank Rodriguez, he has PKU too. I met him at camp. Hes awesomealt and cool! I might seem like a very happy girl, but on the inside, I'm no different then any of you guys. I do hate myself sometimes. But not all the times....and I do need help sometimes. I am not always happy. Sometimes I need to like spill my guts to people. I need to talk. But not now anyways. I love myself right now. Anyways byeee guysss. I love each & every one of you <3 Julina Larscheidt (a.k.a Jules)
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