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December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

 HEY!!!!! EVERYONE!!!! MY NAME IS ANDREA !!! im 15 years old . i have had pku all my life . well okay were do i start okay well im in high school now and its hard but i have met a lot of new ppl . i love  my friends . i have a lot of things to look forward to in life like getting my liscense to drive and get my permit in feb . IM SO EXCITED !!! i cant wait . its been since jun since my grandma past away . im doing so much better now  im glad that my friends and family help me through it i dont knw what i would do with out them . the thing is now with the hoildays are here its kinda hard cuz she made things lots of fun and now it seems empty . but i knw that shes watching over me and my family and friends . one thing i well tell you abt pku is that its really hard but it well get better i think but  my advise to that is keep your head held high and  keep living life like its your last . wow !!!!  have you ever though why do you have pku ? i have its hard to think why but it happens. well back to high school okay i well spill the beans ....... well i  like this guy kinda but  not that much his cool but  i just want to be friends with him .  but  i well tell you the relatshionship i just had  in august was  the worst . my ex bf  he lives in fl and i  i never saw him and so like we were dating that hole mouth then broke up i really miss him but the new guy i like well ive  known him for three years now and he  ask me out  the last two years and i said no but now i feel stupid for not dating him . but he was totally a jerk!! but  now  his not its weird . but what do you guys think ?  okay now he he sits by next to me and when im not in the room he sit  sit acrossed form mine and then when i go to sit  down he sits in his sit . he also  said that i look pretty that day and  always talks with me . do you guys think he likes me again. well  back to pku ..........  my advise to you guys is  STICT TO YOUR DIET !!!! PLEEEAAAASSEEE !!!    if you dont there well become mentally retared and i dnt think anyone wants to be like that the rest of there lives . if you dnt beleve b=me then ask your docter or look it up . that my other advise to you guys . well i gtg ttyl people . please read my other blogs . and comment or imbox e . i well be more then happy to give you advise and more . :)  COOKIEE LOVES YOU !!!!  
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