life update.

life update.

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life update.

April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well I thought that Last month was a crazy month. Well this one just beat it!!! I have no baby update yet but I will next week :) I know that my life has changed so much due to this baby but it has changed much more in just two weeks. Two weeks ago I got into a huge fight with my brother ( not phyisical) but close. He has something wrong with his brain and Is VERY violient twards me, and only me. This kid Is crazy!! He has left brusies, welts, cuts, and broken bones. I've even been shot in the face with his BB gun. I've been called every name in the book by him like slut and whore. This kid is 14... sad to say this has been going on since he was 7. Idk why he beats on me but he does. Well once he found out that I was having a baby he has been making threats twards me. Well two weeks ago he threaten to take a bat to my bell and make sure that I would miss carry this child. All over me turning a channle he couldnt watch. Well I took this seriously and went to my mom about it. She talked to him about it and then after that things got worse. He would push me, and act like he was going to punch my belly. Once I told Ray ( boyfriend) He was over here in his marine outfit to imtimadate him. He told my brother that If he makes one more threat he WILL press charges, and If he layes one hand on me he will make sure that he will be taken out of the house. Well my dad came home and told this HUGE story that Ray hit him and threaten to beat him up and really hurt him. My dad belives him! I got yelled at saying that he doesnt care If my brother makes threats twards me or this baby, Ray will not come in this house and threaten his kid... When I tried to tell him the truth all he did was tell me to shut up and that he will belive nick over me cause all I'm doing is pretecting my boyfriend. The only person I'm pretecting is this baby!!! Later that week they left to vegas, first family trip I wasnt able to go on... I was so sad and hurt cause my dad wouldnt let me go and took one of his friends in my place. I had my boyfriend over every day. We actualy had people spying on my house cause I couldnt have him over. But I'm 21, pregnate, in a house alone with people breaking into houses... I'm not going to listin to my dad at all. We didnt get caught and it was so nice to have him by my side. When they came back from vegas, all my dad did for a week strate is yell at me and tell me how worthless I am. My brother was still making threats. One night I was home all day and I didnt do my normal cleaning of the whole house. Just because It want that messy and I had really bad morning sickness and I was SUPER tired. I didnt think that I would get any crap for it. Well when my dad came home He blew up. Saying that as long as i live here I will do there laundry, clean there house perfect every day, and now I will start giving him my pay checks.. I lost my mind. My dad does not care about this baby and with him not doing anything with threats my brother makes and stressing me out everyday I needed to leave for a night. I called Ray up and told him to just stop by cause I was crying and just needed to talk. He came over and I sat in his car telling him everything and crying. He said that he would have something done by the end of the week. But for right now I'm gonna come over and relax. I went to his house and watched green zone and played homefront which btw is the most amazing an horribal game ever!! I ended up falling asleep. He took me home after an hour nap. Well i got a text a day layter saying I fixed all your problems with your dad & brother. I was thinking crap he is going to want to take them to court. Nope, he told me that we are moving out and he has a place. No rent, food, and all we need to do is clean up after ourselfs. I didnt belive him. I wrote back yea ok no really what is it. He told me he was dead seriouse. We will be living with his mom. she wants to be here for us and the baby. I started to cry this was happening so FAST! Everyting is falling into place. I now can sign up for baby your baby and get help with medical bills. I know dont have to clean up a house and I wont get yelled at over little things! But scared cause I'm on my own now. He just told me that all I need to do is get my milk to the apt and then were set. I did that it that night. I told my mom and brother denton. they cried. denton said I wasnt aloud to move out till he joined the mareins. I told him this will be better for everyone. While I was packing my stuff I started to cry, not cause I'm leavingmy family. No cause I know that my kitties that I've had since I was 9 couldnt go with me... Its the only thing I'm sad about. My cats. now isnt that sad?!? Well once my dad found out he was HAPPY! saying thank GOD!! and he was in a good mood for the night. My little brother nick said FINALY now we dont have to deal with you or you f**kin baby!!! Family on my dad's side now wont talk to me, they think its wrong that I'm moving in with my boyfriend before marrage... Even if its good for the baby and myself. It hurts that only 2 people out of my family is sad of me going. But they dont need to be in my life... So today I'm packed, Ray worked late and is sleeping. Its only 9 ill be out of here by 11 :) Excited and scared... I just hope I'm doing the right thing

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    Macomb, Michigan

    That is a big step, but If it means your child will be safe then its the best. Thank your boyfriend for his service… I am envious of him.

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    Fort Wayne, Indiana

    ur doing the right thing for u and ur lil peanut, u need to protect ur baby and ur self im sooo proud of u and thank ur boyfriend for protecting my pku sister and her baby, stay safe and strong i believe u will be ok im here if u need 2 tlk

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    belfast, INTERNATIONAL

    very brave pku gurl

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    Oh hun, I almost cried reading this! How can your family treat you this way?! I’m glad you are moving to somewhere safer and more welcoming. God bless your boyfriend and his Mum :)

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