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May 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Its been a while…..I have been super busy with work and life but still on diet and formula. I did have a hard day Sunday we went hiking was great but after everyone wanted to order pizza and watch a movie. Well I didn’t have the pizza my boyfriend took me to get some fries which I was fine with I am so used to eating potatoes sometimes it seems like that is all I eat lol! Anyways the fires were way to salty so I eat about half of them no problem but then all my friends were all worried that I didn’t get enough to eat ok which is nice of them. The thing I hate is when people feel sorry for me it makes me feel like I have something “wrong” with me its cool I am just like you I just cant eat the same as you. I know my friends had the best of intentions but it makes me very uncomfortable when my diet becomes the center of attention.  Richie (my BF) could tell on the ride home that I was up set he asked why I said I didn’t know why…..but then got home took a hot shower and thought about it. We talked after I told him I just wish everyone treated me like he did not making my diet a big deal no matter what he goes with the flow never asking why/how come/or making me feel different in any way. He understood didn’t even have to say any thing he just pulled me in close and hugged me. I know I am so luck to have him in my life….and my friends I know they meant well I love them for caring so much about me but I just hate when people feel sorry for me I am not sorry I can walk talk ride my horses have a full life so please do not feel sorry for me. There are plenty of people who can’t do what I do so in my mind I am lucky that I can live life to its fullest! alt 

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    , Massachusetts

    Amen! Steph this is all so true… I always hated special attention when I was younger. I hated my diet being made a bigger deal than whatever else was going on. I’m sorry you were frustrated, but hang on to your boyfriend he sounds perfect for you and is really supportive!

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    I go threw the same thing with my friends as well they always think in
    starving myself when really the foods I eat really do make me full. Lol I have
    a rule with my friends that if they feel bad or tell me i need to eat more they have
    to give me a dollar lol I made almost thirty dollars off just one friend lol now they don’t
    ask me. But I do go threw the same thing as you all the time. :)

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    I think all of us on here that have PKU can relate! I don’t mind answering questions. I don’t mind people like asking me if I want something and then going “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot” because I know it’s an honest mistake. My best friends/family members will do that on occasion. But it’s when they dwell on it soooo much. “Are you SURE you got enough to eat?” A lot of times, I’ll eat something at home before I go to a party, so I can just munch on the veggies, chips, etc. that they have and not be too much of a problem for hte person providing the food. lol. I like the idea “gimme a dollar!” for blowing things out of proportion. heehee.

    Sounds like you’ve found a great guy, Steph. My husband is great. He loves to cook and experiment with my low protein food. The way he feels so comfortable making/experimenting with low pro food, knows what’s okay and what’s not, etc, you’d think he has PKU himself and has lived his entire life with it–or at least had a kid with it. He has been really supportive of the PKU thing since we first began dating–a nice balance of “babe, should you keep eating those chips?” and “no big deal. We’ll make your diet work on this roadtrip”. I hope everyone with PKU can find guys/gals as great as ours!

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