Little victories

Little victories

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Little victories

June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, I have managed to get my levels down to 7. We are hoping to have another little one soon. Its not been easy to bring my levels down, especially when they have been higher for so long. I also have joined a gym with my husband. Im always trying to find new ways to change up my diet... which isnt easy when you dont care for mushrooms. Which most vegan diets use instead of meat. I mean i know the pku diet isnt the same as a vegan diet but they are easier to change to fit the pku diet then others sometimes. My little one is now a year and a half old and growing fast...Starting to say her first words. I look at her and cant believe that i did that as a woman with pku. When just a few years ago that wasnt an option for other women. They didnt have the knowledge they do now for them to safely have children. I am truly blessed.

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    Reardan, Washington

    Good job on your level. I am 24 with PKU and I am trying to get my levels down so my husband and I can start a family! :)

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