Long time no talk

Long time no talk

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Long time no talk

July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

 Hello there everyone!! So it has been forever since I have been on here. So I did a blood test about 3 weeks ago it was a 12. It was doing better. Then I kinda went off track and the next week it went up to a 18. So last Sunday I did another one and I hope it is at least a 12. Then I do another one on Sunday again. This time I am trying not to overwhelm myself with weighing food and writting it all down and doing blood test. So I desided to do a little at a time. So I drink my formula for Breakfast and Lunch. Then at dinner a lophlex then low protein dinners. I am usually well under my 250 Phes in a day. Then later on I will start messuring and writting it all down. Little by little for now. :) I will make sure to let you all know when I find out what my level is. Thanks everyone.

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    Leesburg, Virginia

    That is great news that it went down to a 12. I understand how that is since May 2013 my levels have been higher it 11.6 in may and then it went down to 10 and my latest one is 8.2..

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    Attica, Michigan

    I do the same thing; breakfast, lunch and dinner with low protein dinners. My levels have been between 12 and 14. Though last time had lophlex four hours after my dinners and my blood test was down to 8. I’m trying to get my levels down to 2, so this week I am trying breakfast and lunch to add another phenylade at those meals and see what my blood test will be next time.

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    Reardan, Washington

    Janette how did you know that it went down in 4 hours?

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