Looking for Someon with PKU That was off their diet and wanted to go back on to have child

Looking for Someon with PKU That was off their diet and wanted to go back on to have child

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Looking for Someon with PKU That was off their diet and wanted to go back on to have child

January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi, my name is Kristy. I have been off of my diet for well over 20 years, I just got married last year and I would like to talk to someone that has been off their diet and went back you in order to have a healthy baby. Thank you.

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    Hi Kristy..

    My names Nicole am 28 and i have classical PKU and i come from Scotland in UK…I have been on and off my diet all my life, I have 2 gorgeous Healthy little girls aafter struggling with my diet with both pregnancies but its soo worth the struggle when they come into you life x I am struggling tocsope with my diet right now but i need to be on it to have energy levels for both my girls and be happier etc x

    You can contact me anytime for any questions or any advice you may need x

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    Lewisville, Texas

    you know this is re assuring Nicole! because I have been pretty much off my diet since i was 9 years old and got back on for like a couple months when i was 17 years old and i AM NOw 24YEARS OLD and im getting married and settling down and i figure now is the time to get things back on track with my diet.. and i need to figure it all out before i decide to have children and i need to do it ahead of time. Plus i been rejecting meat alot more …like feeling nausus and head aches and like i pretty much just dont feel my best and i figure nows the time to get this all figured out.. do you have any thoughts>??

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    Sittingbourne, INTERNATIONAL

    Hey Kirsty! I was off diet for 6 years and went back on diet to start a family! I am 24 weeks pregnant and all the scans and tests I have had have shown my baby to be healthy so far! Obviously we wont know for sure until she is here, but it is all looking good! :) If you want to talk or ask any Qs, like Nicole, do ask! Nicole is an actual diamond and I am very greatful to her because I always know I can go to her for help and advice, even irrelevant to PKU, she is always there for me! Thanks Nicole! x x x x

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    Sittingbourne, INTERNATIONAL

    Oh and I have also wrote blogs on here with like updates of how things have been going as they have been happening! :) I found it very thereaputic, but if it helps, do feel free to read! I did it to help other people more than me! x x x

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    Aw thank you Becky…I love to help x

    Kristy do you have facebook? I am hardly on this website :-) x

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    Leesburg, Virginia

    Nicole yes I do have facebook look me up it is Kristy Bateman. Thank you for all of your help and information. Thank you to Becky too.

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    hi kirsty, my name is roisin i hope i can help. iam a pku since birth like my sister. i did come off diet when i was 13 years old my school years. i felt great normal but when i moved to ireland when i left school i went back on diet.it was difficult at frist and not easy having been off it for so longbut we managed.at 23 i was excepting my baby and decided i had to stay track on my diet watch my bloodsand listen to any advice the doctors gave me which i did. susan was born 11th september 1984 and now i have a son michael who,s 17 they are both carriers but don,t have pku.i took a chance and had my children mum was worried but i trusted my doctors advice and my diet, its well worth it in the end. i hope i was helpful.i would tell both susan and mike the same when they come to have childern. ps i never had the surport of my mum done it on my owen and husband. so take care it would be nice to keep intouch if you like. from roisin.

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    I do not have PKU but have spent some time seeing patients that do. Is there any particular questions you have. I may beable to advise you. But your levels must be in range before you try to get pregnant to reduce any risks.

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    Bristol, Rhode Island

    My sister is 48 years old and was diagnosed with PKU when she was 4. She was off of the diet for many years and went back on it when she was planning for her first child 20 years ago. She is a happy mom and now grandmom. My sister her daughter and grand daughters health are being monitored by scientists in the field of PKU. She is severly developmentaly challanged due to our neglect and malnourishment in foster care in the 60’s but has a very healthy daughter and very healthy grand daughter. Following the diet and advise of your doctor is so important prior to, during and after pregnancy. My thoughts are with you, take good care of yourself.

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