Loving life with PKU

Loving life with PKU

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Loving life with PKU

May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi, my name is Elisa and I am an undergrad studying public health. I have PKU and I feel like life is great. I am interesting in promoting a postive attitude about having PKU. It makes us unique, and if we have the right attitude about, it can be great! I wanted to let any facebook users know that I have started a group called "I Have PKU." Check it and and join! I would love to you your input. http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=13335767025 Happy PKUing!

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  1. Registered: Jan 8, 2011

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    a positive attitude to pku…? pku ruined my life… it still is ruining my life…
    you should consider yourself lucky

  2. Registered: May 8, 2011

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    lamar, Colorado

    hi my name is joe and i was juat wondering if any one with pku can get help like ssi or any thing like that

  3. Registered: May 2, 2011

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    Provo, Utah

  4. Registered: May 2, 2011

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    Provo, Utah

    Hi Claire. It’s true, I am lucky. I had a great PKU clinic and a really supportive family. I was actually reading your profile yesterday. I noticed that you feel like pku has ruined your life. I thought that was so sad. Because really, there is nothing you can change about the fact that you have pku. The only thing you CAN change is your attitude. If you say PKU is going to hold you back your whole life…than it definitely will! But if you could find a way to “have pku” instead of letting “pku have you” that would empower you and let you make your life what you want it to be. Might sound crazy, but don’t you believe that’s possible? I mean what have you got to loose by trying?
    all the best

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