Low Phe Cake

Low Phe Cake

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Low Phe Cake

March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey guys, My name is Stefanie and I have was blessed with a great little girl named Ella almost a year ago. Not to long after she was born I found out she has PKU. Well her birthday is coming up on March 27 and I need ideas on where to get something to make her a cake that she can have. Or if anyone has recipes that would be really great. I could really use the help in where is the best place to get these low protein items for her cake. Thanks

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    , New York

    There is a great recipe on http://www.cookforlove.org for a basic yellow cake that the whole family can enjoy together. You would need to order wheat starch (there is a list in the FAQ section of the site for places to buy), and the rest of the ingredients you can get at a health food store and a regular supermarket.

    Hope Ella has a great birthday!
    Founder of Cook for Love, Inc.

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    Phelan, California

    Hi Stefanie,
    One thing my mom used to do when I was younger she would make me a rice crispy treat cake. It was great she would get frosting to write happy birthday on it all my friends without PKU loved it too! Even now I am 24 but I still ask her to make me the cake on my birthday its sooo good!! She used to make me regular cakes too she would just use the low pro flower you couldn’t really tell a difference. Hope this helps!

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    Thessaloniki, INTERNATIONAL

    Oh, she’s sooooo cute!!!!
    Try the cakes and I’m gonna ask you the recipes in 9 months!!! I have a 3 month old little girl my self. When I saw your little princess in the photo, I just had to wish you the best.. She’s lovely. Happy birthday!

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    Hi Stefanie, do you have any of Virginia Schuett’s cook books? If so there should be a few cake recipes in there. I highly suggest checking out the recipe that Brenda told you about, because all of the recipes on her Cook for Love website have been wonderful! Otherwise if you want to take the easy way out you can go to dietforlife.com. They have a cake mix that in my opinion tastes and looks just like regular cake. I think you only have to add water and/or vegetable oil for this recipe. Happy birthday to Ella!

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    Tucson, Arizona

    Hi Stefanie. I’m Kristi…27 with PKU. I don’t know what low protein cook books you have yet, but if you have the Low Protein Cookery for PKU (it’s white and has a big red strawberry on the cover, written by Virginia Schuett) then the recipe I grew up loving is “tastes-like-devil’s-food cake”. I recently had some other young ladies about my age with PKU over and we had cupcakes–I made those cupcakes and it was a blast from the past, as all three of us grew up on those cupcakes. That calls for low protein baking mix but all other ingredients you can buy at the grocery store. If you are looking for something more like a cake mix that you’d buy at the store, you can buy those products from various companies. I have made, eaten, and liked the mixes from both Dietary Specialties and Applied Nutrition. Are you planning to serve low protein cake to everyone, or make a special cupcake for Ella or something? We have done various ideas over the years, so feel free to ask!

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    , Massachusetts

    All of these options are great! Maddy’s through dietary specialties alsto makes a cake in the can just like the boxed cakes. it is yellow cake, and i make pineapple upside down cake with it and it is my FAVORITE. It might be too late to order, but for future reference it might be helpful… https://www.dietforlife.com/sections/products/homestyle/yellow_cake.aspx

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    Taylor, Michigan

    hello my mother had the same problem wih me she could not get it eaither but the is a company out ther called cambrooks food company they make low protine foods and the people that own this company r pku patients so that approve on the taste but they have cake flours and pancake flour it is a little costly but it is good i used to use them alot if you google cambrooksfoods it comes up good luck

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