MACPAD Supports National PKU Alliance Research Fund

MACPAD Supports National PKU Alliance Research Fund

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MACPAD Supports National PKU Alliance Research Fund

May 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Through your generosity in 2009, MACPAD was able to contribute $55,200 to the National PKU Alliance Research Fund. Thank you for your support! National PKU Alliance announced the recipients of their first research grants and fellowship at the first national conference in January 2010. The recipients were Dr. Harvey Levy, Dr. Denise Ney, and Dr. Roberto Gramignoli. Awards are given to research initiatives that expand understanding of PKU and its effects and could pave the way for new treatments. The grants and fellowship were awarded after a selection process conducted by the NPKUA's scientific advisory board consisting of eminently qualified doctors, researchers, and clinicians. These awards will continue to be given annually. "The creation of the NPKUA Scientific Advisory Board ensures that the PKU community's funds will go to support the most promising, rigorous research in the field," said Scientific Advisory Board President Dr. Tom Franklin. "These proposals have been thoroughly vetted by scientists and clinicians who are familiar with the current state of PKU research and recognize opportunities for advancement." Here are some brief bios on the recipients of the first research grants and fellowship from NPKUA. Dr. Gramignoli is the first recipient of the NPKUA Fellowship Program encouraging bright postdoctoral and medical researchers to pursue work in PKU and other similar disorders. He is a visiting scholar in the Department of Pathology at the University of PIttsburgh and will use the fellowship to research the applicability of cell transplantation for PKU. Dr. Levy, professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Senior Physician in Medicine/genetics at Children's Hospital in Boston, will use his grant to conduct a study called "Maternal PKU: Offspring Follow-up and Maternal Nutritional and Psychological Status." Dr. Ney, professor in the Department of Nutritional Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will use her grant to conduct a study entitled "Does Dietary Glycomacropeptide Improve Bone Development in PKU Mice?" (Glycomacropeptide [GMP] is a whey protein that contains only small amounts of phe.) Bone loss is a potential side affect of the traditional PKU diet. For more information, visit

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    Thanks MACPAD! We are very excited about GMP in our house.

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