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October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Just because you or your child has PKU don't cuttle them too long. Now when i say this i don't mean when they are young, and just borned that's when they need to be loved and taken care of. I'm talking about when they get old enough to make friends. I don't think this is hard at all to do. Making friends is very important no matter what you have. If you or your child is being cuttled because of your PKU that's not right. First of all that's showing you're ashamed of what your child has. If you let your child make friends that will make them feel good because they will not feel like they are different (not saying they are different but if you cuttle them and keep them away from other kids then they will think they are different because they can't be with other kids their age. Its a psychological thing that would happen. Because when a kid is like 3 or 4 they will want to interact with kids that they meet their own age and if you keep them from doing that they will think that they can't cause they are different.) When i was little in kindergarden, i can barely remember, i made friends with everyone in my class. When i talked to those kids we never talked about my PKU, we were just friends talking and being happy. I remember this one birthday party i once had when i was turning 5. I had like my whole class come to my house cause my mom talked to all the moms and they all came to my party and it was amazing. We all talked and played with my toys. We had a strawberry cake and no one asked because we all liked the cake. Then i hit the pinyota and we all grabbed the candy. But what was very amazing was at the end. My best friend came to my party when it ended and he came in the backyard. I asked him where was he, he told me he didn't know where my house was, but instead of saying," Sorry goodbye." He stayed and we played in the house with our toys that whole day. You see making friends doesn't just make you happy, it improves your attitude with others. It helps you build relationships, Not just with the opposite ***, but with friends, teachers, parents, and evenutally with your bosses, kids, adults etc.
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