Medical Coverage - Contact Info for each state

Medical Coverage – Contact Info for each state

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Medical Coverage – Contact Info for each state

August 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi guys... Here is some more information I was able to gather regarding Medical coverage for formula and/or food for your state.... I hope it helps!!! Katie As you know, each state has an insurance department that regulates insurance in that state. The insurance department of each state would be the source for information on this topic The contact information for each state's insurance department is listed at If you are seeking the e-mail address of a Department of Health and Human Services employee named Dr. Howell, please reply with his or her full name. For information on all of the publications and resources available from the HRSA Information Center, please visit: All of the items that are offered are free. However, there are quantity restrictions. If you need further assistance, please contact the HRSA Information Center by e-mail at or at the toll-free number 1-888-275-4772.

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    Glendale, Arizona

    Thank you for that information. My 13 year old daughter has PKU in Arizona. Until June 2009 the state has covered her formula. Due to our state budget crisis, that coverage has been dropped! I am battling my private insurance carrier to cover the huge formula cost. (the formula mind you, not any medical food!) My appeal hearing is in mid September. If anyone has advice on how to present my case I would truly appreciate it. :)

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    Cornwall, New York

    Try contacting NORD through BioMarin. They are able to assist some families with formula coverage. Don’t back down to your state. Keep fighting them. If you are able to research through a website such as “Find Law,” you might be able to find an earlier lawsuit where it was established that insurance companies must pay for ENTERAL FORMULAS – this is an important term which applies to PKU formulas!!! This may help. :)

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