medicines allowed

medicines allowed

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medicines allowed

December 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

I'm the mother of a one month year old beautiful little girl with PKU, new in the field. Can someone tell me where can I find the medicines that are allowed, with the commercial name? Is Dactarin oral gel ok? (It contains saccharine). It is not indicated in the instructions.

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Do you have a PKU clinic there that you can contact? They would be able to tell you best about which specific medicines are ok.

  2. Registered: Sep 12, 2006

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    I definitely agree with Sarah. In most cases as long as medications don’t contain aspartame they should be okay for your daughter, but if you want to double check I would contact your PKU clinic.

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    Thessaloniki, INTERNATIONAL

    Thank you both. Happy holidays

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    eleftheroupolis, INTERNATIONAL

    για οποια απορια εχεις καλο ειναι να παιρνεις τηλ.παντα την κα Σουλπη.προς το παρον ειναι η μοναδικη που μπορει να σου δωσει απαντησεις σε τετοια θεματα.

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