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March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey.. These are the first letters I write in this blog. I´m a girl (age 25) living in Sweden and I have PKU. The classic type (of course, haha..) Two months ago I decided to try to lower my phe levels because of baby-plans. I have restricted my diet and yet I still can´t seem to get any lower. Probably my body still needs time to keep up with my progress, I dunno.. This is making me seriously mad though! I have a PKU doctor and also a dieticianand they both are trying to help me - at least my dietician does - and still we haven´t figured out what´s wrong. I only eat low protein pasta with veggies both for lunch and dinner and for breakfast I only eat one or two slices of lo pro bread. I hope I have the strength to keep doing this because I really want a baby (and so does my boyfriend..). We just buyed this house and planning on getting a dog and the only thing that´s missing is a child. I think it´s so ****ing unfair that all the PKU:ers (women) have to go through with this crap for a baby. I know it´s worth it in the end but hey, wouldn´t it be better if we didn´t have to do it this way? Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I´m gonna pull a blanket over my head and just lie in bed..

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    Sittingbourne, INTERNATIONAL

    Hey ya sweetie! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant! I am no expert I can only tell you things from my experience. I THINK from what you are eating, you are lowering your protein which is lovely. But you are also lowering your calories. When I was in early stages of pregnancy, I was on 2 exchanges (grams of protein). In this time, where I was eating so little, I wasn’t getting enough calories which made my levels higher. You do need calories in order to keep your levels down.

    If you would like to read my blogs, I have written 2 so far about my experiences throughout pregnancy so far. I will write another one after I have had my 28 week appointments. You might find them helpful?! Or if you want to add me as a friend, I would be only too happy to help or answer any questions you might have!

    I wish you all the luck in the world with getting your levels down ready to have a little bundle of joy! & I hope you keep us updated with how things are going! Lots of Loves Becs x x x

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    Hi there….

    Stick to it…will be worth it in the long run x i agree with Becky get some calories in you x x

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    Stockholm, INTERNATIONAL

    Hey Becky & Nicole! Yeah I know I should eat some more calories, and I do – now I´m awaiting the result from Friday´s bloodtest. Hopefully it´s lower than 700 umol/L and it really should be lower than that! Last week I only ate like low pro pasta with some veggies for both lunch and dinner and only had two very small meals including potatoes (that was 1 ½ regular sized potato) with salad and ovenbaked carots. Shouldn´t be high levels this time but my body has fooled me too many times now so I´m not counting with low levels..

    What should I eat as extra calories without choosing candy, icecream and unhealthy stuff? I chose a little bit more of olive oil when I cook and a little more butter on my bread in the morning. I really don´t wanna eat sugar, crisps or other food like that, because of my weight – I don´t wanna gain weight and that puts me in a hard position right now. My nutritionist says that I can´t loose weight and still have low levels…

    Hugs! and thanks for your answers :)

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    Sittingbourne, INTERNATIONAL

    Well to be honest hun, they would be the things that I would suggest, sweeties and low protein bicuits! Unfortunatley you can’t have extra calories without choosing those sorts of things I don’t think! I don’t want to sound mean, but if you are worrying about putting weight on TRYING to conceive, then what ARE you going to do when you DO get pregnant?! I am 29 weeks and last time I checked I had put a stone on! That was a couple of weeks ago now too so I will have put more than that on now!

    You have got to decide what means more to you, putting on weight or having this baby I think hun! Loves of Loves Becs x x x x

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    Stockholm, INTERNATIONAL

    Becky: Well, the biggest issue for me is the bloodlevels. No doubt! When I mentioned the weightloss it didn´t come out right.. As I already am pretty well sized, I don´t wanna gain before I conceive. That was my point :) I know exactly what you mean so no hard feelings here ;) I know everyone puts weight on while being pregnant, and that´s not my problem. My problem now is more to stay on my weight and still get lower levels.. But as I remember, that is not possible so I guess I have to exercise a lot (not too much of course) and eat as little as I possibly can to get my levels down. If I need to increase the calorie intake more, then I´ll do it of course!! ;)

    When I get pregnant (if that ever happens) I´ll be what I´ll be because of the fact that I´ll have a baby inside me, and then it´s gonna be everything I´ll ever think of. To think of the weight while being pregnant is just too much.. I´ll have enough to think about, worrying for my child then. I can always loose some weight if I need to, afterwards of course :)

    Lot´s af love to you Becky!

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