Moving to the USA

Moving to the USA

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Moving to the USA

June 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi everybody, it is been a very long time since I last was active here. My now 11 year old son Justin has PKU. As my sons and I are planning to move over to the States by maybe the end of this year (were from Germany) I thought we should look out for people living near by. We will be living in Putnam Valley then and I would be happy about everybody who is close. Maybe there are 11 to 15 year old kids out there interested in a friendship to my boys David (14) and Justin (11). It would be great if they'd have friends already when we come over. On the other hand I like to know, how you handle the situation with PKU over there. How often do you check you phe? Are you doing it yourself or do you always have to see a Doctor? Where do you get the supplements etc. and do the health insurances pay for it completely? Does everybody with PKU have a dietrician ? Does anybody know a good doctor or dietrician in Putnam County or Westchester?  I know, this are a lot of questions, I'd appreciate your replies... Would love to hear from you all.... Regards Marion, David and Justin...alt

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    Hi guys!!
    Im an almost 33 year old PKU woman with 2 non PKU kids. I live in Washington state and have great control (now) of my levels. I check my levels every 2 weeks to every two months depending on how much control i currently want to have… Insurance here covers the blood tests and usually the formula but NOT the food. I have been going and connected to the University of Washington genetics specialty clinics since I was 2 weeks old and there is great support for PKU here. Westchester is Michigan? Im also a Navy brat and have lived in SEVERAL states in my life so If anything I would suggest finding the closest CHILDRENS hospital because they will have connections to PKU specialty clinics nearer you. Boston Childrens in Mass. is great for PKU control as well the have great diaticians. As you might know you may initially have to do some traveling to meet those specialists but it is well worth it! Also at any university you can contact them and ask about genetic sepecialties. Then get ahold of the dept. and ask them about PKU support. They may be able to guide you eith more info. Good luck wit hthe move! Nickelle

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