MPKU - Change of plan

MPKU – Change of plan

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MPKU – Change of plan


January 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, things have been a bit intense around here lately. I was just starting to get ready to TTC. My levels are perfect and I could come off the pill and TTC this coming weekend (which also happens to be when we celebrate our 3rd anniversary - it's tomorrow). But hubby has been hemming and hawing. I know he wants kids because he keeps saying things about 'when we have a baby' and 'we might have one by this time next year!' and stuff like that. But he's been a little bit up and down and I've known this. I don't think he's deliberately being indecisive, that's his nature. He is indecisive about EVERYTHING. So on Sunday we had a bit of a 'discussion' where he said he wasn't sure anymore. I had a bit of a go at him because I was so angry that he couldn't make up his mind and in the meantime here am I living on 7g a day and have been since about August. Now he decides he wants to wait longer. I said 'well what on earth am I doing sticking to this so strictly?' and told him I'd go and eat something really high. I said 'you need to decide because I don't know what to do. If it's not happening soon, I want to go back to 12g at least'. I was in tears and everything trying to get him to understand and I even threatened that he should only have 7g of protein a day to see what it's like (he is a total carnivore) and he wasn't too happy about that. I ended up not caring that he didn't want a baby straight away and just wanted him to make up his mind so I knew what to do diet-wise and pill-wise. It took him a day or two which I gave him gracefully and then he made up his mind. I don't want to force him into having a baby when he's not ready. I want it to be something we both want. Otherwise it's not healthy for the marriage. And I know he does want it, but he's a little bit scared about providing for us and everything, since I'm the main breadwinner. He doesn't like his job and wants to change. When he made up his mind, I agreed because the main reason he gave was that we have so much stuff to do to our backyard (we just bought our house) and it would be great to do it before a child comes along and while I am still able to help. I agreed. That was something that had played on my mind too. So we decided to wait 2 or 3 months. I'll just keep practising keeping my levels down and now that gives me more time to get dosed up on folate, lol.

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    I am glad you have a decision because it is so hard to keep motivated with no progress. I have been having 4g or less for 6 months now. When you do conceive the levels can be even harder to control.
    I have got frustrated expecially when my husband has more protein for breakfast than i have in the whole day. But i know there is a good reason to do it.
    It will be great for you to try in a few months when you know you have your husband’s full support. You will need it.

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