MPKU - Doing well so far

MPKU – Doing well so far

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MPKU – Doing well so far


August 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, after getting off to a shaky start last weekend (thanks a lot chips!) I've had a pretty successful week of sticking to 8g a day. Last weekend I kinda messed up because we had friends over and we had wine and cheese and biscuits and chips. Now I'm fine with not having cheese and biscuits. Doesn't bother me because I know how much protein is in them so I don't even go there. Never have (except in my 'semi-off-diet' days). But chips are another thing. That's because I CAN eat small amounts when I'm not doing a maternal PKU diet and have about 15g to play with a day. And I LOVE chips. So I kinda fell down there. But ever since I have been determined to stick to 8g and I have. I've eaten very low protein things throughout the week and when I have had the opportunity to have chips, I've measured them out and stuck to that amount. Same with everything else, but everything else is easier. Chips are hard. I love them so much. Same with popcorn but I haven't had any for a week and I measured that out carefully too. So I did a blood test today and will send it in tonight. Should have results by Wed and I'm anticipating that they'll be good but not quite good enough, so I'll probably have to go down to 6g. The only women I know who've done maternal PKU and had successful pregnancies have had 6g usually. YAY. That'll mean NO chips. Sigh. But a baby will be worth it!

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    You know I really look up to you you got off your diet and are getting yourself back on track for the sake of your future family. I really want to have a family some day too but I just feel that it is really hard. My situation is kind of different then yours I totally well kind of totally went off track with my diet, I never ate seafood or fish or ever drank milk, for the last six years and now I am regreting ever making that decision. I really would love to get back onto my diet. I know that I could do it its just really going to be really hard but I dont really have the help to do that. I need help to find the help that I need to get insurance so I can get back onto my diet. I know you went off your diet part of the way so I know you know where I am coming from. I dont really have the support system at home so that is why I joined this site so I know you all would understand where I was coming from and maybe help me get healthy again. I am lost on what to do.

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    Thanks LilBigz23. I guess it isn’t as hard for me because I was on diet strictly until I was 12 and then I was allowed 3 ‘diet free days’ a year. Of course I pigged out and although not liking meat at first (except the salty ones like bacon and ham) I grew to really like chicken and turkey. I loved eating whatever amount I wanted of chips or popcorn and other things that were high. But I still kept it in check on the other 362 days of the year. Gradually I began to eat more things I shouldn’t like pasta and small amounts of cheese. I continued to take my formula religiously though, but I was what I call ‘semi-off-diet’. I didn’t eat meat or seafood or fish or dairy or anything like that, but I did pick little bits of meat off, or little bits of cheese or whatever and eat those. So I have had exposure to ‘off diet’ but never the full commitment.

    Thanks for the encouragement Kate! I guess I just love my snacks and having 6g I know it’ll just be 3x2g meals a day and if I have snacks it’ll be carrot/celery/apples and other ‘free’ foods, which aren’t half as much fun as chips and popcorn! But at least I’d probably lose weight, lol :P

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    Bannie.. glad to hear things are going well.. Can’t wait for your level!! Keep working hard – it will pay off when you have a beautiful, healthy child!

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