MPKU - I'm getting good

MPKU – I'm getting good

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MPKU – I'm getting good


January 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

I'm getting good at managing this MPKU diet. I sent my dietitian this email today: I've recently sent in a Guthrie from Monday just gone (11th). I have the feeling the level might be a bit higher because when I weighed myself I was 2kg lighter than the previous week. I don't know what caused that but I have a theory that it may be a loss of muscle because I haven't exercised for ages. That's why I think my level will be higher. Plus there was all that chaos with the formula (which I now have, thank goodness!) And she responded with: You are doing a fantastic job of understanding your  levels and the variation. You are spot on, your level is 213.  Woohoo! So even though it's high I'm not worried, because I knew it would be and because I'm not trying to TTC yet anymore. Couple of months time. At least I can monitor my weight changing my levels too :)

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    The reply bit was meant to be blue too, lol. Oh well!

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    good for you! it is so important to understand the many ways that phe levels can be effected, formula, diet, exercise, wt loss, etc… maternal pku (although not planning on pregnancy any time soon) is one of my biggest motivations for staying close on my diet so that i can follow it well when the time comes… its been so great being on here and seeing other women successfully deal with the challenges, so good for you. also isn’t it great to be able to read and predict how your body is doing? at the conference they talked about a home monitoring device being developed and hopefully completed by 2011 (next yearrrr- so close!!!) i think that would make things that much clearer and we would be able to see a direct and immediate (and OBJECTIVE… aka a number instead of a feeling) response of our body to the changes in food, environment, exercise, etc… how cool is thattt!!!

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    hi I’m new to the website!! I am currently 7 months pregnant with my first child and i do sympathise with following the mpku diet! it gets easier as you become pregnant and plus when you get as far as i am you get to up your protien intake which is great! I’ve even tried meat and cheese! best of luck!

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