MPKU - It's good news week!

MPKU – It's good news week!

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MPKU – It's good news week!


September 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

No, I am not pregnant, lol. Not planning to be until November even if I get my levels down before that. BUT... I have! Well just about. I had 151 on Monday!! It's the lowest I've ever been! I've been told to aim for between 75 and 150 for pregnancy, so I'm nearly there!!! YAY! :D AND.... last night my husband and I put an offer on a house and were accepted!! Woohoo!! So you can see why it's good news week :)

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    Cornwall, New York

    great work Bannie… keep it up! I’m sure it feels so rewarding after working so hard to lower your levels… and congrats on the house!!

  2. Registered: Jan 15, 2007

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    Congratulations! Wow that is very low. I have only been told 150-300. That is weird considering you are also in Australia? Just the other side from me.

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    St. Marys, Pennsylvania

    hello bannie, My name is Jill and i am aslo trying to get pregnant, but i already have a three year old son. i hope everything works out for you

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    I don’t really feel any different, but I haven’t been lower than 151 yet. Will ask dietician why, but that’s what she said. I have it written.

    Hi Jill, good luck with that! We can all help each other! :)

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    Milton Keynes, INTERNATIONAL

    I have just started the maternal PKU diet after being off diet for 15 years. I have been told my levels need to be between 100-300 for pregnancy. I’m in the UK.

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    I spoke to my dietician today and she said the international recommendation is 100-300 but there has been some evidence that 75-150 is better, so locally that’s what they recommend here. There’s nothing wrong with 100-300 but 75-150 is better because the normal phe level for someone without PKU is about 35-85. And also some places have different measurings/machines or whatever also, so my levels are for my particular state.

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    Hi Bannie….well done on getting your levels down!! That is not an easy feat!! I too felt really bad when my levels were low. The lowest they were was 21. Good luck for the months to come!! :)

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