MPKU - Levels down! :)

MPKU – Levels down! :)

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MPKU – Levels down! :)


September 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well my dietician (is it dietician or dietitian???) rang me and my level from Monday was 306! Yay! So now I'm getting closer to the goal. Not sure about when it will happen though cause we still haven't found a house and now my hubby is sick of his job and wants a new one... well he always has been, but he'll be able to get a new one as soon as we get a house. They won't approve loans anymore unless you've been with your current employer for more than 12 months. So he can't change jobs until after we get a home loan. Grrr. House hunting is so annoying and we've been doing it for like 3 months now with no luck. Hopefully our turn will come soon!

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    Well I’m not sure about whether or not that is a national thing… it might just be WA real estate or our particular bank. You might have different rules.

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