MPKU - Oops, back again with good news!

MPKU – Oops, back again with good news!

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MPKU – Oops, back again with good news!


August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Haha sorry everyone, I keep forgetting about this site! Well a lot has happened since I last posted. It was 4 months ago, so I'm guessing that was my last cycle of trying before... I got pregnant! And this time we got to the 12 week scan with a nice happy healthy bub there so I'm over the moon! :D So on Wednesday I will be 14 weeks along and as far as I know everything is going smoothly. I haven't had any morning sickness at all, which is awesome! PKU-wise I've been great, right on track until recently. I've had higher levels than I'd like in the last 2 weeks, but a few other PKU women who've had babies said the same thing happened to them around the same time. Plus, I've had a cold this week, so that can'tve helped! Anyway, so that's my latest news and I'll try to get on here more... It's hard though cause hubby hogs the computer a lot and I do most of my internet stuff from my ipod and phone these days, but I don't think this site has an app... oh well! :)

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    Wow! Congrats! That is awesome :) Yeah I’ve read that protein levels go up between the end of the first trimester and beginning of the second trimester. Glad to hear your 12 week scan was all good :) I hope to be in your position sometime in the near future. So how many exchanges are you on, now that you are 14 weeks pregnant? Are you on more than you usually would be?

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    Thanks :) I’m on 7g protein a day… normally I’d be on about 15g. I’m having one extra dosage of formula a day too :) That’s been the case the whole way through, so I haven’t gone up yet. Other women I’ve spoken to said their allowance didn’t increase until about Week 17.

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    Try and consum as much cals as you can. Phe levels can be higher if you do not get enough. Drinking lots of sports drinks is a good way of boosting them. My partner is also pregnant and she found it hard keeping cals up, as the baby grows they use up all your nutriants, and by your 3rd trimester you will prob be back up to 20g protein again.

    Keep up the good work, its not easy.

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    Yay, Congratulations!!!!!

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