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MPKU – Progress


August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well I am making slow progress. I've now decided to come down to 5g a day. My last level on 6g was 357, but I think it was more like a slack 6g, where I'd estimate within 0.5 of a gram or so. So now I'm weighing and counting everything! Hopefully that will bring them down faster :) I'm a bit worried about future events though... it's going to be so hard, once I am pregnant, to keep it a secret. Everyone will notice just how strictly I'm eating and the fact that I won't be drinking alcohol will be a dead giveaway, but I'm determined to make it work so it's a surprise at the 3 month mark. I'm worried in particular about a camping trip I'll probably be going on in September... it is around the time I hope to be able to conceive and everyone drinks heaps of alcohol on that weekend. Plus, meals will be difficult. The meals I'm not worried about so much, it's the fact that if I am TTC or pregnant I won't be drinking... dead giveaway!! I could just pretend to go make myself a spirit and Coke mixer but not put the spirit in I guess, LOL. Oh yeah and I'm getting a sample of ProZero milk to try tomorrow! Woohoo! I have 4 cans of Milupa recently bought, but I guess I can save them for later in pregnancy when I need more grams of protein and use the ProZero in the preconception/first trimester stage. Yay!

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    , Florida

    I tried to rate this five stars, but missed (I am using my iPhone). Good to see you are planning ahead to be careful!

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    Cornwall, New York

    Don’t give up. The trouble with PKU is finding out the exact correct amounts of protein so you can maintain healthy levels. My recent levels have been extremely inconsistent even though I have done nothing different between foods and formula. It is so frustrating!!! I was really stressed out with finishing up grad school, and I am sure that had a huge role in it. I know you can do it!

    Also, are you trying to hide the fact that you are planning pregnancy? If not, I would just not drink now and say that you are planning to in the near future and want to stay away from alcohol in the time being until it happens. That is completely normal for people to do. Either way, I am sure you will still have a great time at your camp out! It is always fun to get away with friends and have some good laughs.

    Good luck :)

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    Yeah, that’s a good idea katiemag, but I don’t really see the people I’ll be camping with very often. Only every couple of months and it usually involves drinking (now don’t see us as some sort of alcoholic group, I just mean socially drinking, lol), so for me to go from drinking every time, to suddenly not drinking at all… lol

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