MPKU - Wow!!

MPKU – Wow!!

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MPKU – Wow!!


November 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

My level from Tuesday was 92!!!! :O

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    Cornwall, New York

    Yay….. keep up your hard work!

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    Thanks!! But I’ve already had 6.7 today (out of 7) and haven’t had dinner yet, so today might be a bit difficult. Might have to have less tomorrow to compensate. I’ll try for a free dinner though!

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    Awesome!! I bet it feels great to have all that hard work pay off! I remember feeling elated when i got good levels!!

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    That is so great. How did you do it. I just got a big shock as my last level was 77. But on the days before i only had 4, 2.9, 3.4 and 2.8 g protein so probably too low.
    Have you been keeping a food diary? Have you done any travel since being on the MPKU diet. We have been invited on a cruise in the Carribean next march and i really want to go but not sure about the diet.
    Fantastic news with your level I hope you are on a roll now.

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    Thanks everyone! Yes Kellie it does feel great :) I’m hoping it will keep me more motivated. Ktspku, ooh yes that does make it difficult. You should go though, it’d be an awesome experience! I’m not doing any travelling but we did win a night at a local swanky hotel with dinner at one of their nice restuarants. So that will be interesting! I’ll order something that has pasta and use mine maybe. My husband is eating chocolate in front of me so I made him go get my barley sugars, lol

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    , Texas

    Good Morning/eEvening Anna,

    My name is Amy and I have classic PKU and reside in Richmond, Texas, and as a child I was taken off diet at age 8 in thoughts that my brain had fully developed and no future damaged was forseen. I’ve been back on diet since I was pregnant with my son at 21 (now 37). However, I wasn’t able do it right the first as he wasn’t planned for. I have had many ups/downs over the years, but do my best to stay strong. I am totall devoted to my formula (Phenylade Essential) it is awesome in chocolate and will be adding strawberry for variety. It is heart healthly and give me Omega 6 and 3 with flax, and lots of calcium and minerals. I am freaked out about having another baby beacuse of my condition and what it entials to have a normal baby. I would like to ask you a couple of questions if I could. I am concerned about the overall process to maintain the level at 6g or below and not stress on a frequent basis. How do you get through all the demands of keeping the level at 6 or below without letting it get to you. Is there any way you can reassure me that I could survive it like you, and others have before you. Thank you for input and look forward to speaking to you soon. Hope all is going well so far.


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    Hi Amy

    Thanks for your post. It sounds like you’re on the right track, asking people for advice and stuff. I guess with my efforts it does feel like a bit of a drag sometimes. I just have to remind myself about WHY I’m restricting myself so much. Someone told me to keep a baby toy or piece of clothing around so that when I look at it, I think twice about having that high-protein snack. As well as that I find writing down the grams as I eat them helpful. I haven’t done this yet but when I actually DO get pregnant, I aim to not even bother eating anything that I have no way of counting. If it’s something I THINK might be okay to eat, but I don’t know the exact amount of protein, I won’t touch it. At the moment I am still eating those things but still counting what I THINK they might be. I generally try to have as little protein as possible in my meals so that my snacks can be a bit more interesting. So for breakfast I have 2 slices of toast made with Loprofin flour and that’s about 0.5g. Then for lunch I have something made with veggies and low protein food, like pasta or crumble made from the flour etc. Dinner is usually something else made of low-protein food with veggies. Then I have at least 2-3 g left over for snacks. Before I did the maternal diet I used to eat a lot of popcorn because I LOVE it and I had enough grams, but now I don’t and because I haven’t eaten it for so long, I don’t crave it. I have found myself eating more lollies than I used to because they tend to be low or free. I find if I eat something a lot, I crave it more and if I don’t, I won’t crave it. It’s just getting out of eating it often that’s the hard part :)

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    I wish this website would let us miss lines and do spaces in our posts!

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