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My accomplishments

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My accomplishments


September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

My first award was when i was 4 and i got student of the month. I didn't know what was going on. i went to eat breakfast at school and with my friends and i was a little nervous because i didn't know what i could have. Then in first grade i had my first crush. it was a new student in school and her name was jennifer and i just liked her. that was my first time i had a crush i was so nervous i couldn't speak to her. then my next accomplishment was in second grade. when i learned something i would do it a lot. like when i learned cursive in 2nd grade i wrote everything in cursive that year and at the end of the year i got an award for best hand writing. In school i was never a teacher's pet the teachers just always did like me because i did what i always was told. and i did good in school. I also wrote my first story and it was called The Haunted House. In third grade i got my first F and that was a bad day but in 7th grade i learn the quote that i think is the best. "Failure is a better teacher than success." Which means if you fail at something that means you can learn from it to make yourself better. So this doesn't mean fail everything and stay that way. you learn from your mistakes so u don't make it again. In fourth grade i learned what a GPA was and ever since then i always have made sure my grade point average was 3.0 or higher. In fifth grade i started to learn my PKU and what i could have. in 6th grade i join the play and was a flying monkey in the wizard of oz. I also had Straight A's for the first time ever. In 7th grade i actually joined a contest called National novel writing month. i made a word count goal between 5000 to 50000 words. Up to sixth grade i wanted to be an actor. but it wasnt till 7th grade till i realized i wanted to be an author. i wrote a story and it was called "The Big arguement" not the best name but it was good though. I won the award for finishing it first. I then tried out for my play again and Grease. I was the nerd Eugene and m y famous part was when i was shoved in the locker. But i met so many friends and everyone liked me and that to me was a big award. In 8th grade i think was argueable the best year of my life. i joined the National novel writing month again but this time if anyone finished their word count goal the school would put it into a book form and they looked beautiful. i mean great. my book was called The love triangle. this time i named it better and better story. alot of people read it and loved it. i joined the play again and was an extra in the high school musical. by the end of the school year i had 5 A's. Then i graduated to high school on the honor roll all year and that was a big accomplishment for me. high school people say freshman is the hardest and diffucultest but not for me. i joined the football team and i loved it even though i was very skinny. i always thought i wouldn't be able to make it cause i couldn't have protein to make myself stronger. but i did and i played really well. at the end of the year i was student of the year in World affairs. all my friends got awards and there was no doubt that i had very smart friends. And i have had lots more awards but i don't remember alot of them because i lost count. So as you can see PKU has never stopped me or slowed me down in anyway. What i always say is live life the way you want and let nothing stand in your way.
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