My Down Fall...

My Down Fall…

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My Down Fall…

November 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Hi Guys,So as you all know iv been trying to restart my pku diet and formluas....The first 2 weeks were honestly A-MA-ZING...altThe difference i felt within myself was great, and i was instantly addicted to trying to keep that feeling i had. My diet is going well i have eating a few things here and there that have made me feel a bit rubbish but nobodys perfect... :)BUT........ my formula intake is poor! im not going to lie i havent been drinking them at all, which now is taking its tole on me. Im starting to feel tired again and i know i need to drink them and that its going to make me feel better but its just soooo hard for me to get used to putting them back in to my daily routine. The formulas have now become my pku down fall... i struggle with them sooo badly!But i wont let it stop me!!!! i WILL get them in my routine and cant wait to be feeling great againGuess this little blog is to let everyone out there know that its never gonna be easy and sometimes you will have little slip ups... But nothing is ever impossible unless you let it be!! Well i hope the next time i write a blog i will be telling you all that i have master them. But i have a feeling that this task its gonna be my biggest challenge Wish me luck! altLove Paige... aka Pajxxx

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  1. Registered: Oct 31, 2006

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    Taylor, Michigan

    i am the same way because the formula messes with my stomach and because of it i tend not to take it like i am supposed to so i know how you feel and ya i get tired out easly when i am not drinking my formula

  2. Registered: Nov 19, 2012

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    Red Deer, Alberta

    Oh my god wow!! Haha your blog entry describes my whole struggle with managing my PKU! My reason is its not a habit for me to make the formula but also the taste…. Is there anything you do to make it taste better?

  3. Registered: Feb 2, 2007

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    Reardan, Washington

    Hang in there! I have also been struggling with this! I am trying to get my levels down to have a baby with my husband. It’s hard. I was doing great for about 2 weeks then my in-laws came to town and it all went down the drain. I need to learn how to retrain myself. Anytime you need anyone to talk to feel free! Hang in there! Keep your head up! :)

  4. Registered: Aug 31, 2012

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    birmingham, INTERNATIONAL

    arw thank you guys for all your comments :)

    I have had a little brain wave haha… I was thinking of setting an alarm on my blackberry everyday to remind me to take one of my formulas, this way i have no exuse…yes its a little bit of a pain to do that 3 times a day but soon i will remember without needed an alarm.
    I suppose anything is worth a try once…

    Okay, so i will trail this tomorrow and let you all know if its affective. It should be my blackberry is attached to my hand for 99% of the day ahaha!!!

    And my advie for the taste is always have a bottle of water with it.. and take it in turns swapping from one drink to the other. I find it gets rid of that horrible after taster the formula leaves in your mouth and the back of my throat…

    Hope iv helped guys keep in touch


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