My new project

My new project

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My new project

November 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you all about my new project that I am working on at university. I am currently in my second year but I am already thinking and planning what i want to do for my final exam. Insted of doing a dissertation, I am hoping to do a P.R.P. which is a practical resaerch project. I am hoping to write and direct my own performance, which will be about P.K.U. I want it to be factual, descriptive and to have a lot of actual real life events that have happend to me over the years. I am telling you all this as I want to do as much resarch as possible and I would love to hear your stories. Whether it is having a child with P.K.U. or having it yourself or, something I am really interested in; trying to start a family when you yourself have P.K.U. as this is something that really worries me and something I want to find out more. If you could please send me your stories i would really appreciate it. I also want to produce a performance that will tell people about P.K.U. and let people know that having children with P.K.U. can lead a normal life and try and make people more aware. Thankyou for reading and I hope to from you all soon. x

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  1. Registered: Sep 8, 2009

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    Hey Lorry…

    I’ll be happy to help, i myself ave went through maternal side of PKU 3 times x

    ask me anything x

  2. Registered: Jun 11, 2010

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    Sittingbourne, INTERNATIONAL

    Aww that’s lovely Lorry! I have PKU n I’m more than willing 2help u with ur project! Private Message me with any Qs u may have x

  3. Registered: Dec 10, 2009

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    conway, South Carolina

    hey i have classical pku and if you need any help i will certainly help

  4. Registered: Apr 24, 2007

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    Norfolk, Virginia

    Hi Lorry,
    My husband and I are preparing to start a family and I plan on keeping record (blog) about this experience so others can find it and maybe it will help them as I don’t know any personal accounts from people who have gone through the entire process. I would also be more than happy to share this with you! Let me know what you need!

  5. Registered: Sep 20, 2007

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    I was born before testing became law. I was diagnosed in kindergarten (age 4-5). i went off diet at 10. went back on in early 30s for 2-3 months (1989or 1990, i’m not sure. i’m not good with dates). i’ve been off diet since. now my life is a nightmare. please let me know what i can do to help. i always wanted to participate in some kind of study or research.

  6. Registered: Mar 10, 2010

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    Lake Havasu City, Arizona

    I am a mom who’s 12 year old son has classic PKU. We would love to help. Let me know what we can do. Good luck. We appreciate your choice of study!

  7. Registered: Feb 19, 2011

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    hi my name is roisin iam a adult pku and like and surport what your doing.i will send you my story soon.pku should have some more stories like our to learn back to you soon roisin

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    No Location

    Shona said on May 2, 2016

    Hi my name is shona I would also like to help you with your project I also have pku also a sister I could tell you a lot about me when I was growing up with pku and all the substances I have taken over the years…I was at college when I was younger and we all had to speak about something that meant something to us and I spoke about my pku I was 20.s then im also at an age that if I was born 10 or20years younger things could have been different when anyone with pku was locked in a institution….if you need to know anything more id be happy to help as I ciuld probably write a book …look forward to hearing from you

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