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September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

If anyone calls it formula or what ever i call it Phenex 2. Because that's what its really called. Most of us hate the taste of it. But we all have to do it. When i was a little boy i was adopted i started to do my phenex and i hated the taste my god i hated it so much i wanted to puke. When i had to take it when i turned 10 i started to fight with my parents about doing it. it drove me to the point where i began screaming at my parents and they were screaming at me. But they were screaming at me because they loved me and were not going to let me down. My parents would do anything for me to make sure i am okay. Then it got to the point where i would do something stupid like hide in the bathroom. looking back i think i did some very rediculous things. But after every arguement i have with my parents in the end i always know that they r right n r just trying to help me. But i just did not want to admit that i was wrong. But then when i turned 11 i remember the first time i did this. i had my phenex half done but then i accidently poured it out in the sink. my mom didn't see it. Then that became a habit. i allowed my hate for the taste to lead me to pouring it out. Then i started to get bad blood levels and i just tell myself that i will do the phenex this time. but everytime i walked up to the Phenex i couldn't finish it. i always made excuses to myself for why i still do it like i don't have time in the morning because of school or just one time, or i just tasted something good. I thought i was being a good actor cause i would pour it out and act like i was full and i would try to feel like i did a great act. But then i realized that i wasn't tricking anyone i was just cheating my body. Doing the Phenex i knew for a long time because i would live. But its a lot more benefits to me. I always thought i was too skinny but mom told me taking in more phenex will make me bigger. Also the phenex contains the calcium and supplements that my other foods don't have. The phenex also helps me thinks straight and prevents me from brain damage and to think. So it was then that i realize that i can't do this anymore. So after i got my blood level it was 19 and that mad me sad but still didn't shock me. It was then when it clicked to me, i need to take my phenex. I kept this all a secret from my parents but after that level i told them because they thought they were doing something wrong. I could tell that i was making them look bad to the doctors. Once i realized that i knew i needed to come clean, because i love them and want to stay with them. So when i told them they were upset yes i expected that but they just told me to start doing my phenex n didn't ground me. But although i did this i still poured the phenex out sometimes but then one day i thought to myself i am 15 years old and i need to get use to it. So i decided to try to think to myself my taste to the phenex is all in my head so i tried to drink it from the cup and drank it all the way down and told myself while doing it just finish it and when i did i quickly drank my water then wiped my face with a towel. when i did that for the first time i actually felt good about myself. When you accomplish something that you hated to do it makes you feel really good about yourself. so i kept to that and have been doing that for 3 weeks. So i have had my ups and downs with my Phenex but now i am trying my best to take control of myself. That's all anyone needs the will to say i will do this, Not I can, I will and actually do it. So all of those of you who hate your phenex i do too but without it we would not be able to live a nice greatful life. So i did struggle with it but i took control of myself and am doing my best to deal with it and you can too!
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