My PKU update, "What they say is true"

My PKU update, “What they say is true”

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My PKU update, “What they say is true”

November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

  Ok, So I know I haven't posted anything in a while, So for anyone interested here it is.... My personal PKU update alt I must say things are going pretty well for me at the moment, I've been on the diet now for about a month maybe a little longer and I feel great!!! I now keep a food diary just for my own benefit. So I can keep track of the foods I eat during the day. I'm not totally on the diet I still eat things like bread and chocolate every now and again but I just couldn't cut everything out! The main food I have cut out my diet is meat, which at the start was soooo hard because it got to a point were I didnt even think about what I was eating I just ate it. Chicken for me was the worst to cut out I pratically ate it everyday!! But I was very strict with myself and I have managed to cut meat out all together alt  Food is now becoming less of a problem for me and im starting to enjoy it again. I've even attempted cooking some PKU meals and tried meat free products which turned out to taste better then I thought. WILL POWER... has been key to this process. I knew I had to be commited to my diet if I was to see any type of results. I know my diet isnt prefect yet but im getting there slowly and iv made more progress then ever by doing it this way. I have even been to fast food places and for meals and order the veggie option which is sooosososososo hard when all the temptation is infront of you... But its just about telling your self you can do it!! and the satisfaction you get from being able to say no the foods you know you can't eat. So now iv got my diet sorted its time to take on another task!.... This one is going to be the most difficult one... Drinking my formula!!!! I will have let you know how that goes guys!! I am a little worried about it but im gonna try my hardest!!! alt The reason I put "What they say is true" in the title is when I was younger and seriously bad at the diet and formula the doctors and other professional would tell me how good I would feel if i did what I was supposed too. This never made any difference to me and I carried on eating what I liked and not taking my formula. I can honestly say up until now I have never felt the benefits of eating heathly and sticking to the diet. If you would of told me how much more awake and less tired I would feel a few months ago I wouldn't believe you... But take my word for it coming from someone that never believed it could make a difference it really does!!!! I have more energy to go out in the week. Were as before I would just get in from work and go to bed now I am much more active and I loveeeee it!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my post and if its helped anyone in anyway then im happy Love Paj, alt

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  1. Registered: Apr 14, 2010

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    brooklyn, New York

    wow so does the food journal really work and the formula is not that bad drink it with a straw the formula is disgusting i dont think that i ever liked the formula

  2. Registered: Aug 31, 2012

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    birmingham, INTERNATIONAL

    Well for me it does, it just helps me keep on track with what im eating.
    For example iv been feeling really drained and tired yesterday and today and iv looked back and it could be because iv been eating quite a bit of chocolate! lol, so i need to work that little problem out haha!
    I really really dislike the formula the taste i can handle but i find it makes me feel really full up and some times sick, but its the only one i can stand the taste of haha!

  3. Registered: Nov 8, 2012

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    Bradford, Ontario

    Oh my goodness to read your blog was like giving me some hope. My son is almost 20 and not on diet, hasn’t been for a very long time. He will attempt it here, then stop, attempt it there, then stop. As a mom, it frustrates me to no end because I know that he would feel so much better if he was on the diet! However, I can not control him. How would one convince somebody to try to stick to the diet? It has always been a struggle since he became a teen.

  4. Registered: Aug 31, 2012

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    birmingham, INTERNATIONAL

    Arww im so happy my blog has helped :)

    And my advice would be to maybe show him this site… Let him see that there are other people younger, older and the same age as him with pku and they too have to adapt their lifestyles around pku.
    Iv learnt alot from this site and its nice to be able to have a look every now and again and read how other people are getting on. Everyone is so lovely on here and are more then happy to help with any questions he may have.

    However saying all this you cant make anyone do anythink they dont want to do… I was preasured in to restarting my diet for years and all it did was made me rebel, which of course did nothing for me but i was sick and tired of people telling me how i should live my life.
    Then i started to feel really low, depressed, emotional and tired.
    I went to my local hospital and was adviced that these were all classic signs of a high protien diet.
    I tried on and off since i was about 18 to go back on the diet but my heart was never in it, i was never fully commited and had noooo will power over changing my diet. So of course i fell flat on my face! and went back to eating what ever i wanted.
    Until finally it got to the point were i thought i had to do something because i was always feeling ill i hardly went out or seen my friends.
    This time it was MY decision and people were waiting for me to fall flat on my face again because i had tried so many times before, but their negative reaction just gave me more determination to make sure i didnt fail.
    And here i am :D
    iv tried my best and iv been feeling great, i truely didnt believe what i ate made a difference to how i feel but i was sooooo wrong!
    yeah iv had little slips here and there but my body sure does let me know! haha
    so its all about the will power and realising that if you eat something you shouldnt there will be consequences. And its about finding the balance with your self. Like i know if i eat a little bit of bread here and there its not such a bad thing, however when i eat meat even tho it tastes great at the time it will have its affects on me.

    I know im really going on now haha!!…. but what im trying to say is your son is an adult now and is his own person, and of course it must be hard as a parent not to be able to do anything but the way it worked out for me is i had to hit rock bottom to give me that kick up the bum! to get motivated in looking after myself…

    I really hope this has helped in some way and i hope your son does give it a go!
    He will feel so much better for doing it… Would love to know how he gets on….

    But what ever happens do not be disheartened if he decides not to go back on the diet. He will do it when the times right for him

    Love Paige… aka Paj

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