my REHAB 05/15/10

my REHAB 05/15/10

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my REHAB 05/15/10

May 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

if you dont know anything about my rehab i have been trying to get back on my diet for about a year now FOOD is my ADDICTION and ever since i can remember i have never been able to stay on my diet untill now I have been back on my diet for a month now im eating 1 to 2 meals a day and drinking all my formula weekends are a little ruff but i think im doing very well i have a doctor appointment on the 21 this month i hope to blow away my doctor with my low levels my levels need to be at an 8 and they have always been in the 20's ever since ive been on my diet ive felt amazing i used to slack at work and be very tired all the time and now im over achieving in everything i do and another plus i have lost 14lbs i gained about 35lbs when i was off my diet in less than a year

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    Tucson, Arizona

    Woo hoo! Good job. I’m sure Dr. Aleck and Melanie will be proud of you. :) Are you doing levels on a regular basis? Have they been improving? Keep up the good work. Did you go to Sunsplash today? I wish you weren’t busy next weekend so that you could take a roadtrip down here to Tucson for our picnic on Sunday. Next time, hopefully we can meet up for an event either here or there!

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    N. said on May 17, 2010

    Nice work.
    But be sure to eat enough carbohydrate and fat.
    14 lbs in one month is very much. Seems like your body got into catabolistic state. It wouldn’t be surprising if that would increase your phe levels.
    Don’t loose your motivation if this happens. It can easily be fixed by eating more carbohydrate and fat as I said.
    Also in that case you should ask your doctor maybe to increase the amount of formula per day.
    I’ve experienced that if I’m hungry and my body needs more protein I can eat as much as I want, but until I eat something with protein (or drink my formula) I will not be sated. So a higher amount of formula might make it easier for you to get rid of that food addiction.  

    So lets hope that I am wrong with my theory and your next phe levels will be low.
    I wish you the best.

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    Cornwall, New York

    keep up the good work… it is never easy!

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    , Massachusetts

    I have tried telling people this and they don’t understand! This diet is tough sometimes, and food is EVERYWHERE… it is so easy to take frustration out on the diet and slip up to try and find relief from other stuff going on… food is absolutly addictive especially if you have been RESTRICTED for so long!

    Don’t give up though, once your head is clear, like you said, you find energy and motivation you never knew you were missing! Not just motivation for your job and all of the other things in life, but motivation for STICKING to the diet… funny how that works : ) The more your head clears out, the easier it will get! And if you do slip up just make sure you wake up the next day and start from scratch… the diet and levels are forgiving if you bounce back and don’t get sucked into a routine of eating higher PHE foods.

    Keep us updated… I have been there, food can have a huge old on people, but the good news is that with lower levels and a good attitude you can own it and you can overcome it : )

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    Tucson, Arizona

    Just this morning, I was hungry, tired, and tried to decide if I should eat that “one more” serving of potato chips (I work night shift, so am ending my day at 9am). A conversation within myself: “No, Kristi. You’ve had enough phe for the day. You shouldn’t….but I’m so hungry, and I don’t have energy to prepare anything….but the phe!….aw, screw it. I don’t care. I’ll deal with it later, I’m eating it now”. Now, I’m regretting that decision. I could have grabbed a stinkin’ carrot or apple!

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    Glendale, Arizona


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    Phelan, California

    well I can say I know how you feel!! Thats how I was until about six months ago i had been off diet for about 4 years and like you food is my addiction!! I love good food and being on diet limits you so much but, like you since I have been on diet I feel great have lots more energy and I too have lost weight too! I know weekends are hard for me too just haning out with all my friends that can eat normal sometimes I was so bad to cheat but as long as I have had my formual I can control it. Keep up the good work this site is great to share stories good or bad we all understand how you feel!

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    Southampton, INTERNATIONAL

    I have never been in the position when I have been off diet but all I can say is that just because you are on diet it doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous and have a diet lacking in variety. Theres plenty of things you can do to make the diet more interesting such as adding herbs and spices to veggie dishes. To get your energy fruit is just the simplest snack to have or cassava chips. Low protein pastas and bread are also good for your carbs. Make sure you are getting sufficient formula as this does depend on your weight. Try also eating regular meals high in calories therefore won’t need to reach for anything high in phe preventing hunger cravings. Hope all works out for you.

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