My Two Minute Venting

My Two Minute Venting

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My Two Minute Venting

March 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

My boyfriend and I very recently joined a Bible study group at our church. Since I'll be seeing this same new group of people over and over again on a regular basis, it means it's time I have to explain PKU all over again. I haven't done this in awhile. All my friends and co-workers know quite a bit about PKU, and I'm always bringing my special pastas and breads and formula with me around them. I get tired of explaining it and having to answer questions every time I meet someone new though: "No I can't eat protein, yes that means I don't eat meat, no I can't have soy, no I can't have bread, etc, etc..." Tomorrow the group is having a BBQ...since this is the first situation that eating together has come up...guess what? I'm bringing fruit salad & homemade guacamole. It will be good, but since the food list was exchanged, I know it will also probably be the only food there that i can eat. I am NOT looking forward to explaining all this to a bunch of semi-strangers. I was venting to my boyfriend about how I wasn't looking forward to this. His response was "don't worry, I understand." I had to nicely say, "please, if anything, don't say you understand. You don't." Anyway...I'll be ok but I just needed to vent to some people who understand. Thanks for listening!

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    Tucson, Arizona

    Hopefully with that group of people, they will be interested, not offended, and if nothing else not rude! There are several ladies at my church that when they invite me over or when we have a group potluck or something try their hardest to accomodate my PKU diet and it just doesn’t work. Most of them–after failed attempts to make “low protein”–have conceded to the fact that while they can prepare a side dish I can eat, I have to bring my own “main dish”. For example, we have an Italian friend who has come to terms with the fact that I can have her signature sauce, but must bring my own pasta. Another lady was heartbroken when she made a cous cous just for me and my husband informed her that it is high in phe because it’s wheat. She has since allowed me to bring my own food. Bless their hearts, their intentions are good! Let me know how it goes!

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    my turn to vent. :) I got so sick and tired of trying to stick to a diet when I feel like I’m the only person on the planet with PKU, that I decided to give up. My brother has it too, but he’s no help. We were taken off the diet when he was 12 and I was 10.
    Right now I can’t eat right with or without the diet because I’ve been living in the street for a year and a half and the choices I do have are limited :(

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    Good Luck Sarah! I hope they will be understanding but also know some people want to know for your own best interest to make sure they don’t offend you or disrespect you because they do not understand it fully. Pray for their understanding and that you both can have patience and not stress about it so you can enjoy the BBQ!

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    Phelan, California

    Good Luck you can do it! Trust me I know what you mean my family trys to do the whole I understand thing as they are eating at steak on front of me lol yay you really get it! I am lucky my boyfriend is great he understands how hard it can be but never trys to play the whole i understand card (i think he knows i will kill him lol) Any ways you can make it through this just stay strong and try not to kill the poeple who ask you over and over again why you can have meat! :)

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