need some help please

need some help please

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need some help please


December 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi my name is Amy I have a son that is 3 he has PKU. When he was frist born it was a mild case so we let him eat alot of things that we shouldnt have, but his level was always low. Well as he gets older he wants to eat alot more of stuff that he shouldnt be and his level has been a little high in the 6.6 so we need to get it down. I dont know what to feed him cause I think he is getting sick of just eatting friuts and vegs which is hard to get him to eat in the first place. So if you have any good recipes that I can start to make for him that would be great. I need some stuff for breafest, lunch, and dinner so please help out. Also if anyone lives in the Salt Lake City UT area what is a good store to go to and buy some low protein stuff? Thanks Amy

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    Hi Amy. Do you purchase low protein food for your son? If not you could try some of the online low protein companies. Here are a few of the websites you can go to:,,,,,, and Have you guys also purchased a low protein cookbook? If not you can go to and purchase one there. In my family we make a lot of fruit and veggie based foods. We take baked potatoes and mix ranch dressing with mixed vegetables and put that on top. We also like to make low protein fruit pizzas. We make a low protein version of pizza dough. After we bake the dough we put riches rich whip on top as the ‘pizza sauce’ then we throw fruit like strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, and pears on top. I hope this helps!

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    Thank you that helps and i will try out those sites

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    Hi Amy
    My 9 year old daughter has CPKU. I launched a low protein culinary website over the summer called Cook for Love. There are lots of recipes that you and your son will enjoy. What is his daily phe allowance?


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    The girls below stole the sights I was going to list.. JK — but they are all great!! Good luck — your son is adorable!

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