Never in a million years.

Never in a million years.

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Never in a million years.

September 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

 NEVER in one million years did I think I'd be where I am today. NEVER in my life have I felt so accomplished. And NEVER in my life have I been so proud of myself. I'm sure you're wondering "Why is she so happy?" And the entire purpose of this blog is to gloat to people who understand, who have been exactly where I was. So the news. Yesterday september 25 at 11:47am I decided to check my e-mail. Low and behold I had an e-mail from the hospital, my latest blood test had come back. Nervous, I clicked on the e-mail and sure enough, this is what greeted me.  "Congratulations! Your latest PHE level from september 15 came back a 217! Everyone here is extremely proud of you! Keep up the awesome work!" Now I'm sure all you negative nellies are all like "Oh big deal it's only a 217 I get levels like hose all the time." My hospital likes us to keep our levels between 100 and 400. You have nooooooo idea how long it has been since I have fallen in that range. Like it's outrageous. It's quite possibly been a year or more. My levels on average hover around the 700-900 mark so this is HUGEEEEEEEE. When I opened that e-mail as pathetic as this sounds, I cried. Never in my life have I been so proud...I did my latest test today...mailed it away. Wish me luck guys!                                                                                                        XOX Marg1996 XOX

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    Good job on your levels! :D I struggle with mine as well. My hospital like to keep them under 10 I’m usually in the teens or sometimes 20’s. I finally got mine to an 9 or 10. I take my blood tomorrow I’m hoping for a 4 this time :) keep us updated!

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