New day, new luck...

New day, new luck…

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New day, new luck…

June 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi there :) never mind the title of this blog, it's a German saying, I hope to do better with diet today. Yesterday I had done well - until I went out with my cousine. I had a cappuccino (with milk alt ) and an ice cream cone (with two pieces, melon which was without milk and amarena which was with milk alt ) It was so tempting and I thought of ordering something to eat ALL THE TIME; although I had a very good dinner, which was low phe. Anyway, as the German saying wants to tell: I'll do better today. I also want to create a shopping list for foods so I can try a lot of recipes for next week. It helps when you can try good things, that's a good way to keep me at it!! Though it's a lot of work... But you all know that so well! alt Since today will be a wonderful sunny and warm day and I haven't got plans yet, I will go out in the garden and enjoy a book. We've had such a bad luck with the weather recently. Only had a few sunny days, but a lot of rain.. I wondered whether I shall take blood today and tomorrow and send it out together on Monday, maybe this could be a motivation through the weekend. altWhat do you guys think? Bye, Kate
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