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March 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

So it's been a while since ive been on here. Alot has happened some are negative but most positive. alt In December I saw that I was starting to drift away from my diet. also I can see that i was gaining weight and my additued starting to change. I was being rude and i knew my levels were way off. While this was going on I met a guy who seamed like he was going to be good to me. The guy was a total jurk he took me to apple bees and when I told him that I was going to get a salad with out the chicken or cheese he freaked out. He told me that it was weird and he didnt want to have people stairing at him. He ordered the salad for me and a huge thing of chicken strips I think.... When they brought out the salad I was so mad. I sat there and looked at the salad thinking what am i doing??? I'm not going to eat this. What do i say? I looked at my boyfriend and said I'm not eating this. He said well if your going to be with me your going to eat normal and then he tried to get me to eat chicken. I got up and left. Three days later we broke up. it was cause of my pku diet and he said i wasent good enough for him. I felt very hurt that I was treated like that over something I cant change. After that i went to school and my teacher was talking about how he wants us to work on a struggle. I thought my pku is something I needed to work on. But I had very little motavation to get me started. Well then something amazing happened. An old friend from high school called me wanting to talk to me. We started talking about life and how we both crushed on one another. Next thing I know were going out. And he is the best thing that has happend to me. He makes sure I'm on my diet 100% he makes me want to better myself. Now that i have sapourt and the motivation i needed. I'm messuring my food again, taking my blood after so many years and trying to get on my milk again. I'm really happy that I found someone that is not a shamed to be seen with me cause of something so little.

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    Tucson, Arizona

    Wow, that first guy you spoke about sounds like a jerk! If he was that way about your diet, I wonder what other issues would have come up. I’m glad that you didn’t cave in, and I’m glad that you are in a great relationship now! It is so important to have a significant other that will support you.

    My now husband was very supportive of my diet when we met and he firsts found out about my PKU. He totally learned what was okay and what wasn’t for me to eat. When we had only been dating about 2 months, he got in touch with my roommate and had her sneak him some of my pasta and bread and he made me a romantic spaghetti, garlic toast, and salad candle-light Valentine’s day dinner. I was so touched by that.

    He knows that I know what I *should* eat and when he sees me munching on too many high snacks, he will gently remind me. He loves to cook and experiments in the kitchen with low pro adaptations of some regular recipes. My dietitian absolutely adores him. We recently went to a PKU cooking workshop and he sounded like one of us who have lived our entire lives with the diet. I left there feeling so blessed to have him and his support. My mother in law bought the low protein cookbook so they could cook for me when we went back to visit his family and coordinated with my mom a way to get the baking mix/wheat starch to make the recipes while I was there.

    I’m glad you found the motivation to get back on track with diet and what a great motivation it is! I’m sure you feel like a much better person with lower levels, better moods, better concentration, etc. Congratulations, and good work!

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    Lee, Massachusetts

    good for you and…i know pku is not fun to have but i think it did you a favor with the jerk boyfriend…you needed to loose him,and really not much of a loss…good for you for finding a good guy that other one sounds like an abuser to me even if it is just emotional and verbal can be just as bad sometimes as physical good luck with your new bf and trying to stick to the diet…

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    , Massachusetts

    Oh My Gosh! That is crazy! But in the end I am happy you went through seeing what an un-supportive significant other can do to your well being! I hope it makes you value your boyfriend now all the more. I am so sorry you had to deal with that, that is an inexcusable excuse for maintaining a relationship to “eat normal.” SO many people have issues with foods, that is just crazy. Good for you for walking away and being an advocate for yourself… : ) But anyways, I am again happy to hear about your new boyfriend… it makes such a difference to have people around you to support you and your diet and encourage and motivate you. As you, I am sure, will see, the better levels will make better and healthier relationships! Congrats, and I hope to hear he keeps being a blessing to you!

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    Phelan, California

    wow that is crazy as for the first guy you dont need him if he can treat you like that no loss there! Glad you got the motivation to get back on diet I know how hard it can be! I got back on because my boyfriend of 7years saw a lot of changes in me and wants to get married have a family. I really have to thank him for me getting back on diet with out his support I would still be off. I know how important support is it really keeps you on the right track! Good luck keep up the great work!

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    Wyoming, Michigan

    You are much better off without that first guy. You can’t compromise your health for some stupid guy. The other guy sounds great! Very supportive, and that is what you need and deserve. I have returned to the diet a year and a half ago. I know about all the struggles to readjust to the lifestyle change. It is so worth it!!!! Keep me posted on your progress. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Most people are supportive in my experience, you were just unlucky enough to have found a real *******. I’m glad you’ve found someone decent now though. My girlfriend is very supportive, she cooks my low protein meals, comes shopping with me to find low protein produce, takes my blood tests…. if I ever fail at diet I know its not because of my partner.

    Good luck,

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    dallas, Georgia

    Wow, I have something going on in my life right now. It is like I have a fungis on me. Glad you found a good guy

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    Montgomery, Illinois

    haha thats awesome

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    Plainfield, Illinois

    Im so sorry that happened to you. some guys are just jerks but im glad you found someone else. He sounds like he’s a good guy

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