New member of from Russia with love :)

New member of from Russia with love :)

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New member of from Russia with love :)

April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

So this is the beginning of our story - we wanted a child for 5 years, i have not developing pregnancy, then diagnosis - secondary infertility, we му done a lot, final step - ECO, so 06 april i've born a babyboy - and 10 days later people from genetic service called me and told awful new diagnosis - PKU for my newborn baby Ivan. First days it was horrible horror, ive read Wikipedia and a lot of info in Russian Internet, i was crying... my mother was crying, my husbant did not trusted in the diagnosis. then we ve go to Genetic Service, they give us feeding formula, all the recomendations and told us to register child's disability - because our government will pay around 600 usd for food... and all the formula for 18 years is for free... so now im searching the web for the info, which will keep us in good mood, and ive found this resourse :) so, ill be writing all our live and happiness here, im glad to be with same healthy, shining people... i need to go to feed my boy :)

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    palm springs, Florida

    Congratulations for your little one and welcome to PKU’s World!!! All of us as parent had been in same emotions than you at the diagnosis, but when the time goes, you will see tha it is easier than you guess at the beginning. Ivan will be a happy, beatifull and smart guy.!!

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    Elena said on May 1, 2012

    Thamk You so much for the warm words :) i will be struggling :)you know, live in Russia is a little bit of challenging :)

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