New Mommy.Need Help!

New Mommy.Need Help!

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New Mommy.Need Help!

December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have a son named Easton ( will post pictures soon ) he is 10 months old and has been on Phenex 1 since the first week he was born. He started baby food around 5-6 months and he was doing great keeping his protein under 10 grams. He has to drink 20 oz of Phenex a day. He is going through a spell where he wants to only drink his bottle and not eat anything. I can't get him to eat any foods that has protein in it. (He still needs it to grow) I'm not sure what to do since he is being so picky! This might just be a growth spurt where he wants his bottle because it's soothing to him (he is cutting teeth). Did anyone else worry about their daughter/son not getting the amount of protein in a day that they can have? He does fine with his Phenex 1, I just cant get him to eat the foods with protein. He can eat bananas and apples all day but when it comes down to the carrots and green beans, he wants no part. It gets to the point where I want to chase him around the house with a spoon in my hand! I get worked up about it because I don't want this to effect his growth since he is still under a year and this has been going on for a few days. Does anyone have a good idea on what source of protein will do great fir a ten month old. He is learning how to self feed but i need something for him to eat while we are at the dinner table. I guess I am just having a cookers block. :)

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    Hey, we have all been in similar situations and I know how frustrating it can be. What if you added for this period of teething some regular milk in his formula? We do this,nevertheless, since my daughter has been an infant. The opinion of her doctor is that insead of eating all her protein from vegies, a cup of milk devided throughout the day and mixed with the formula (according to her tolerance) so she will not taste it for real, is good for the growth of a child. Since your son does not eat various veggies, I thing adding some regular milk could provide the protein needed.

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    I see this post was a while ago. Has the problem been solved? I thought the idea below sounded smart, if your doctor approves. I was thinking, what about an Odwalla or Naked juice that has some protein in it? Just an idea. I actually have not yet had a baby, so I don’t really know anything in this area! : ) Hope things are going well!

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    I’m a little naiive because I dont have any reference for things that are 10grams (im currently at 4grams myself), nor to I have any experience with children, but would suggest introducing yogurt, nuts(do you have to be careful of this because of likelihood of an allergy?), mashed potato (maybe add a little milk to it), and french toast would probably have a lot of protein. Overall if you’re worried about his protein intake, keep trying things, while supplementing with the amino bottle (ask your dietician if you can increase his aminos just to supplement till you find something he likes?)

    Things at the dining table: Soy products! (I always find these very high in protein), peanut butter on little bread squares, heinz baked beans in tomato sauce (often in the english section of Nugget or a world food store), mac and cheese (too high in protein?), rice has a decent amount, tortillas with either salsa, guac or even beans (beans are v high!)? Have a morning where you walk through the store and think- what can I do with this! It doesnt have to be Jamie Oliver’s favorite dinner entree, but just a little something may help you get an idea.

    Best of luck!!

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    Awwh Thank you all for the support. Easton is now a year old and we have solved the problem. He started backing off of the baby food and wanted to feed himself, so I gave him the food and let him feed himself (finger foods and a spoon may I add). He is doing good with getting the amount of protein he needs a day. When he gets to where he isn’t wanting to eat alot but takes his formula instead it tends to stress me out because he isn’t getting the amount of protein that he needs daily. I have been using vitamin D milk to suppliment if he is short throughout the day (which was ok’d by his dietrician.)..

    I have alot to learn with soy products and organic as well but I am ready to try it!

    Thanks again for all the help :)

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