new things and summer 2012

new things and summer 2012

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new things and summer 2012

August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

HEYY EVERY ONE !!.... MY name is andrea . well for starters im doing a lot better now . its been almost three mouths since my grandma past away so things are starting to get better as each day goes by . well my bday is coming up its next tuesday . im really excited abt it :) . i have to say one thing i wish summer wasnt so short :( but i guess its time to go back to school and learn new things again . those who dnt know me then thats ur loss hahah jk but i would be more then happy to talk to anyone right now . if any one needs advise i well try my best to give it to you . my advise is that something i like to give to people espesally when they have pku or problems with there life . well to all you pkuer s out there STICT TO YOUR DIET !!!!!!..... so if you have pku dnt let people bring you down cuz your just deffrent and special that makes people very smart when you dnt let ppl bring you down . i know it s hard to not let people bring you down but ive been there and its really harsh wht people say to bring you down . just reammber to keep your head heild high and walk away . so for my summer i learn about how to appersate what i have and dnt worry abt wht i need theres a lot of people who dnt have anything . well anyways i gtg people thnks for reading my blog if you do . read more of my blogs i well be posting more on here . please imbox me or comment . :) Andrea , :) <33333 XD

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    hey andrea
    i just wanted to say that i’m glad to hear that your doing better and i hope it continues for you
    Rachel :D <3

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    hesperiaNo Location

    yeah i know . me to .
    andrea :) <333

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    Rockford, Illinois

    Thanks your blog is helpful to me. I have classic pku and I have been off diet for a few years now and I’m trying to get back on, so any advice will be helpful. Even when its the most simple advice.

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    hesperiaNo Location

    your welcome … i know how it feels to go off your diet and try to gte back on . its really hard to . but just keep trying your best and if you need any more advise . please let me know and i well try and give you the best edvise i know . thnks for commeting …
    ANDREA <333

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    Taylor, Michigan

    Srry to hear about your grandma I am sure that she was a special your life trust me I know how you feel it takes time but you know in.ur hear thatthey are in a better place.pku is hard to deal with sometimeswhen something tramatic happensin.ur life I am still struggling with my two grandma’s deaths but it is getting better now just keep taking formula

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