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Hi :) so this is kinda new to me and im excited i found it because i havent met anyone my whole life with pku. I do have a question too. I am trying to lose like 5 or 10 pounds, nothing too crazy but it's killing me how to do it. I work out alot and i've even lowered my calorie intake which is hard to do with some of the lowpro foods and my formula. It's been about a year and i can't seem to get past a certain point. I've even looked at the whole jillian michaels and weight watchers website but obviously that can't work when all they do is focus on protein. I'm clearly not a nutritionist or fitness trainer but i need help bc have the time fitness people have no idea where to begin when i talk to them about my diet. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Melzy3

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    nO sorry

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    Work out harder. Your diet should be fine assuming you don’t get into candy and fating foods. Really the only thing you need to do is watch your calories. I don’t care what people say I think it is best to have your big meal for lunch and a healthy filling diner but not really big. I eat fruit and a PKU Cooler and sometimes I get into ice cream but it depends on my protein and calories. Its bad enough that we eat to live rather than live to eat.

    My wife and I go to the gym together and I never see her really push herself. Remember muscle needs calories to exist. We are getting protein so we can make muscle. I have been lifting for more than 25 years and until my PKU decided to get revenge on more for not following my diet, I was working out with 275lbs on bench and was cut. I lost all the muscle and boy did my head hurt. All that muscle, or most, had to be broken down because of the reduction in calories. I feel too sick most days to make it to the gym.

    I know girls/women are afraid to make muscle but it won’t grow overnight anyway and I doubt you or I eat enough to make big bulk muscles. Cardio is good but you only burn calories while you are working out. I liked to work in some fun into my daily routine. My wife and I will bike at the park for 3 hours or so.

    If you work with a trainer, just have them work with you, your workout and your form on the exercises. They always say add lean meats like chicken. Get lots of protein etc. You are fine with you diet the way it is unless, like I said, you are eating lots of junk and your calories are high.

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    i kinda in the same boat to because i need to loose weight to i just eat alot of salads and drink alot of water i am also a diabetic on top of pku so it is not easy ik i f you would like to chat further my email is

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