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October 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hiya,Sooo im totally new to all this PKU website thing, and to be honest I'm a bit lost lol. alt I just wanted to join this site to talk to other people that have PKU, and there seems to be so many of you. I really didnt realise how many people actually had PKU, I guess im kinda lucky cause apart from myself my sister has PKU too. So iv always had someone else there. But I really want to hear how other people at all different ages has coped with PKU. I kinda wanted this to be my own little "PKU FACEBOOK" haha if that makes any sense. alt A place where I can make friends that totally understand were I'm coming from. I do have some amazing friends that don't have PKU and it's soo hard to try and talk to them about it as they have no idea what its like.yeah so im going on a bit haha... Just look at my profile read and add me as a friend alt Paj, <3

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    birmingham, INTERNATIONAL

    I’m getting the impression that this site is used by people every now and again. As the last blog was done 4 days ago!!!! I’m a little gutted I really did wanna use this like a proper soical website were I can actually post something more then once a day. lol. Maybe cause I’m a newbie I’m just over keen! haha!!!

    Paj, <3

  2. Registered: Apr 14, 2010

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    brooklyn, New York

    hey im taishawn my friends are cool to but just like your friends they dont understand

  3. Registered: Oct 27, 2012

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    Wichita, Kansas

    I totally thought the same thing… was super excited,but have noticed that people aren’t on here often. Well, I subscribed to you, maybe we can chat it up :)

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